Monday, June 22, 2009

Restaurant City

My Restaurant City has reached the highest level few days ago or is it a week ago? Whatever.

Anyway I just changed the look of my restaurant. Hawaii~
& gave all my employees the same costume that now I am broke ~_~

Look, I'm the cleaner & I'm cleaning the water. Weird hah?

Few days ago I wanted to rearrange the furnitures but then it failed because when I wanted to save, it lost connection ~_~ for TWO times. & the third time I arrange it bit by bit by saving bit by bit. Hah, and it worked :)

I seriously dislike playing RC in the night especially after 8pm. It doesn't work some times and go off on its own. & that's the problem i'm facing right now!

I watched THE PARK last night on Channel 8. I jumped and screamed 2 times last night and my mother laughed at me.

I remembered my mother bought the CD 5 years ago. I watched this show before ~_~ The 1st time I watched it was on a stormy morning. ~_~ Because both my brother and I don't dare to touch it, ya we are so scared that my mother threw it away after we watched it more than few times. ~_~

Just because of that movie, I'm scared of clowns. Yup, from a funny character, it became a scary one. So weird. Rachel asked why they always use clowns for horror movie. ~_~

Okay that's why I say horror movies are waste of money for me. Why would I bother to spend money to scare myself and make myself sleepless at night, thinking about it?

Yes, I kept thinking about it last night and I was sleepless k? Until this morning when I saw the light, I felt relieved and I slept. Not that I didn't sleep last night. When I wake up in the middle of the night, I couldn't really sleep.

I decided not to buy the oxford shoe in the end. ~_~ It's okay. I will save the money and buy something else I love even more :) Wallet, I guess.

2 more weeks.