Saturday, January 23, 2010


It's about 2 weeks since my last update, so I shall spend time to update this little space.


If you have read my twit few hours ago, you would know what I'm going to blog about now :P

It's based on my opinions, but I guess many of them were thinking the same way as me at that time.

Well, as a student, even if you DISLIKE your own school, you should NOT try to tarnish your school's reputation when you are outside wearing your school uniform.

A boy (who you don't even know) calls another boy if he wants to eat curry puff (I'm not eavesdropping, he shouted). As an outsider, you shouldn't copy and follow his words. You are just aa.

A bus is not a playground, FYI. It's a PUBLIC transport. If you don't understand what is PUBLIC, please check it up in the dictionary. If you want to play, please choose an appropriate place to do so, bus is definitely not the place to do so.

We all dislike noise makers on the bus. But I can understand that if you are in your own group of friends, you tend to make noise without yourself knowing. I do that too.

However, this is definitely too far. By doing so, you are not respecting everyone on the bus.

The girl tickles her friend, resulting her to stand far away from her and as she comes nearer, the friend steps back and stands on the bus stairs instead. Do you not understand what is "DO NOT STAND ON THE STAIRS"? Unless there are circumstances that made you do so, like crowded buses, but not the back stairs!

Should anything happens to you when the bus driver opens the back door, you have no one to blame to but yourself and your friend because she 'forces' you to do so. It's definitely not the bus driver's fault and everyone in the bus knows that.

Even the bus driver also tried to turn back and look.

I almost wanted to tell them off but it would be embarrassing, so I had to hold back my words.

I shan't spell out the school's name. & nope, it's not my school. It's a sec school, FYI.


22 days to CNY, meaning it's going to be close to exams!

Am I really going to bring my notes around while visiting? :(

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  1. lol yup. dunno which teacher ask us carry what notes while visiting. haha.