Saturday, March 6, 2010


I can't watch the free movie so I drag my mother along to catch Alice In Wonderland today. HEHEHE.

Hmm.. 3D disappointed me. It isn't very good. It' very dull and some scenes (very little though) are hard to be seen.

Oh well, this is from what I think.


Temp job started on Monday night. Everyone seems to be in pair except me. I have to work alone most of the times. But thanks to the girl who was in a pair with me on Monday. She was the most friendly one :)

Had headache on Tuesday night and I had to work :( Wished the headache could go away but it didn't and I had very little sleep the previous night. But well, I survived.

Wednesday night work was postponed to coming Monday night. It's a good thing. & my panda eyes are showing.

Work officially started on Thursday! :) & I'm officially hired! Yea! Ya, my legs are tired because I stand almost the whole day. But well, I will get used to it. Meet a new same age girl who also started work on Thurs. People there are nice and friendly. :)

Friday's the best. I get to be at the fitting room alone most of the times. Time flies really fast :)

Weekend break before I work on Monday night for stock taking at Somerset. Ya 4 levels. Wonder what time I can go home. Hmm..

Well, I think this would be a permanent part time job, meaning I will still be working when school begins. I guess I would have lesser time with my laptop. A good thing though? I will have to study and work harder than usual if I want to handle both my studies and job well. :)


Well, I think being busy is a good thing. At least, I don't have to just watch tv and eat all day and in the end, I learn nothing and just gain more weight :(

But I think I'm falling ill soon :( NOOOOOOO! I cannot.

Wish me luck though.

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  1. Me thinks that Alice in W is scary. Draw until like that.