Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Recycled Art

I'm back after so long :D

All NP students had this extra module which you get to choose (Community, Environment, Entrepreneurship, Events Management, Health/Lifestyle Management) when they reached Year Sem 2, including me.

Well, my friends and I decided to take Community instead of the rest. It's a funny thing, but not all of us get into the same class. The selection time only had 4 places in each class but all of our selection time were different but 2 of us managed to get into the same one.

Why Community?
Well, in the beginning, I would like Entrepreneurship, but the thing is you have to fork out your own money. Profit or loss is between you and your group mates. Environment and Health/Lifestyle - heard people say it's boring and difficult to come up with ideas as the tutors might discriminate.Events management was rather interesting. However, we wanted to contribute to the society, so ta da.

My group did a community work about 2 weeks ago. Actually we had 2 shifts. 3 people in the morning and the other 2 in the afternoon. & the morning shift was as early as 7am.

Remember the big marathon 2 weeks ago? The morning shift actually have to collect the bottles from the marathon. However, by the time we were there, they were all collected.

The person-in-charge wanted us to look excited for what we're going to do later!
Look at the bottles behind! Like more than 20 bags and about 20 bottles in each bag.

Meet the person-in-charge. I have no idea what he is doing. Haha. Ahh, I forgot his name, so sorry.

The van which carries the bottles to the place we are going to. All the bottles cannot be squeezed in -.-

Another girl was late and we proceeded to another place. We took his car to...

Here I am.

We're sitting on the bottles. It's scary. I scared I squashed the bottles.

Start of the work...

Left: Uncle from the community centre. I think he's the chairman or something.
Right: He's taking break while both of us are doing work :(

What we do?

Original bottle - those 1.5 litres one.

The process of the flower:

I was in charge of doing the flowers while Wei Qi was doing the other part.

Using the 7-up bottle. You don't have to flip the thing over, which means you can skip step 4 & 5. It's really prettier.

The rest of the bottle:

All you need to do is:
1. Hold the bottle to your body.
2. Cut from the bottom.
3. If your scissor is good enough, you can just push the bottle
and the scissor will slide to cut the bottle.
4. Or else, use the scissor to cut.
Make sure that it's not too thick.

In case you don't get it, you can view the video.

What are all these for?

The artist impression of the Christmas Tree.

He kept taking out his ipad to show people about these stuffs. Haha.

On the way....

One thing: Be careful. It'll cut the finger if it's sharp. I cut mine!

I kept showing Wei Qi the flower on the hair. Imagine it. And she kept giving me -.-

Group photo. & now she's doing that.

I supposed the afternoon shift people did the same stuff as us, but with the disabled people teaching more stuff.

Well, I really learnt a lot of things through this community service.

A bottle might not be seen by everyone, just like the disabled people, but we can bring out their other side, the better one, like them teaching us, as well as, the bottle being a flower or part of the Christmas Tree.

More pictures at Facebook:

On a side note, Chrismas is coming in 4 days. Yipeee.

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