Monday, March 28, 2011

Post-it® Super Sticky Notes

Do you know how Post-it® sticky notes come about?
A few years ago one of the 3M managers, a member of a church choir, wanted to mark the pages of his hymmal s he could quickly find them. A bookmark would not do because the pece of paper could easily fall out. The manager needed something that would adhere to the page but not tear it. Back at work, the manager asked one of the members of the R&D department if an adhesive existed that would do this. One did, but it neer had been marketed because the company found that the adhesive was not strong enough for industrial use. At the manager's request, a batch of glue was prepared and applied to small pieces of paper that could be used as bookmarks.
As the manager who had requested the product began to think about the new product, he concluded it had other uses other than as bookmarks. Secretaries could use it to attach messages to files and managers could use it to send notes along with letters and memos. In an effort to spur interest in the product, the manager had a large batch of these 'attachable' notes, now called Post-it Notes, made and began distributing them to secretaries throughout the company. Before long more people began to ask for them.
- extracted from my school notes

From my 100 facts about me, you should know that I have a thing for Post-it Notes :)

Probably because I use it for various things, like decorating my books and especially reminders (which serves as a prelimary function)
I use it as a shopping list as well, heh, I place it in my wallet so that it can stick onto the side :)

I have quite a few of them (Pink, Purple etc), because I lost them and apparently after I bought them, I found them somewhere else -.- Now, I put it just beside the laptop, in case any moment I need it.

But do you get annoyed when it doesn't stick anymore? So am I!

How about Post-it® Super Sticky Notes?

I'm sure they modified the Sticky Notes to Super Sticky Notes. They hold stronger and longer, and stick practically on any surfaces!

I saw it in Popular the other day and guess what?
It also provides the "stand", I suppose it's called Post-it® Pockets, to place your pack of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, so that it won't get lost!
(Yay, I don't have to look through a pile of stuff to search for it)

Here is this image I saw:

We have all been there before… An important message gets lost due to the sticky note, well, being not sticky enough. Unable to reach its intended recipient, it resulted in disastrous or embarrassing consequences.

Besides Jack’s unfortunate incident (as shown above), which he definitely wished that his colleague had used a Post-it® Super Sticky Note instead, what other situations could happen if not-so-sticky notes are used? We want to hear about it all!


All you need to do is:

1) Like Post-it Facebook page
2) Share your ideas by uploading either a photo or video (no more than 1 min) that captures the essence of the story: “That should have been a Post-it® Super Sticky Note!”
3) Get your friends to vote for you because....

You stand to win up to $800 in Cash!

Top entry with the most “Likes” in each category (Video and Photo) will win:
i) Video submission: $500 Cash
ii) Photo submission: $300 Cash

Here are some examples & check out View Ads tab as well:

Facebook contest runs now till 14 April 2011! Terms and Conditions apply.


I saw it in the trains before this contest!

What you need to do is:

1) Take a photo of the campaign on both windows.
2) Post it on Post-it Facebook page - I suppose you have to like it first :)
3) Get a mystery gift from them!

This is how it looks like:

Awesome! I haven't got one, but I will be getting it soon! Heh :D

What are you waiting for?
Join the contest or get the mystery gift now!

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