Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First day of final semester

I was excited for this day to arrive :P
This was the day that school commerces again, that I MIGHT have my braces off (still not yet) and that we are going to Timbre!

I've got only 4 modules in this final semester and my timetable is pretty much relaxing, but I don't likey.
Mon: 9am-1pm
Tues,Wed,Fri: 1pm-5pm

Ok, enough about school. *I think people will start throwing things at me because I'm a little excited for school*

I visited dental after my school. I knew that I won't be taking off my braces yesterday, because my upper and lower teeth are not aligned. If the dentist really takes them out, I will really suspect his professionalism. Haha.

Ok, enough said.

I've been waiting for weeks to visit Timbre :) Finally going there (after their lecture ended at 4pm).  The Psychology students' testing the patience of the Marketing student waiting at the bus stop.

We visited the one at The Substation since it's most convenient for us to go after school.

Chocolate Sunday and Strawberry Mojito

The first taste I like CS but afterwards, I prefer SM. I supposed both contains a little alcohol, because I can feel the "burning" in the throat after I drank.

Buffalo Chicken Wings

This is damn good. I like the sauce :)

Roasted Duck Pizza

The main thing I wanted to go Timbre so much is to try this. I heard many reviews about this pizza and I now know why all of them like this.

MUST have. Especially with the crispy crackers, the pizza is more awesome :)

Seafood Pizza

I didn't try this pizza with the seafood ingredients. But not bad in my opinion.

Group photo:

Everyone's in Psychology except me. I'm still in Marketing. (I picked the single option while they picked dual.)
Will be having 1 or 2 same modules with the Psychology peeps, therefore same lecture. YAY!

If you want to know how much it is in total, here it is.

For 7 of us, I thought it's pretty okay.

Till the next.

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