Sunday, November 20, 2011

I miss those times.

Yesterday, while working, Naf and I suddenly talked about Secondary school days. Ok, it's been 3 years for me, while hers was just last year. I'm getting old :(

Each person played a different role in those days. Like there is the bully, the bullied, the nerd, the naughtys, the playfuls, the populars, etc. Awww, I was the bullied + the nerd + sometimes playful. I was previously slightly naughty and playing Maple during my early Seconday school days.

What woke me up was actually Secondary 3. I wasn't exactly studying hard, but somehow I got second in class (in top 40s for level). Wow, that really motivated and pushed me to work harder. My grades dropped slightly in the early days of Secondary 4. Perhaps everyone started working hard those days. I still managed to get in the top 10 though. From then, I decided to push myself further. I might have neglected my friends during those days. But today, I am really glad that I was not the very playful ones.

Looking back, I'm going to laugh at the silly and stupid things I did. But those are what made me stronger.

I miss those times when the class is so bonded. I miss those times when I was bullied. I miss those times when I studied like a nerd (I went out of the class to study because the class is ridiculously noisy).

I also miss the young me (some parts only). I miss those times when I can step onto my father's feet and he will swing his leg - the feeling is like flying. (I'm not bullying him.)

When we were young, we always wanted to grow up quickly, but we often forgot that our parents grow old with us too. Sometimes we are so caught up with materialism, that we often forgotten the real meaning of life. (Ok, you can define it as what you want.) I think I am going through a late-teen crisis. I am afraid of what the future brings, but we need to move forward. Take whatever it comes. I am sure I will make the right decision someday.

I do not wish life has a pause, stop, play and replay button, because if life really has them, nobody will ever miss or treasure the present. It is because you missed those times, that you wished life has those. But if it really has, things will definitely change.

& I really miss those times.