Tuesday, July 24, 2012

One Tuesday & Wednesday Night

I know this is quite backdated - 4 weeks ago.

That Tuesday turned out to be one of the interesting night, when my poly friends met up and it also happened to be the intern's last day.

So after work, I rushed down to meet them and they all happened to be later than me -.- #win

We visited Timbre at the Substation! Hehe.

Our food for the night.
The duck pizza is a must-try. I'm sure those who knows it will get this everytime they visit. As for the seafood pizza, we love that too, but we were rather full when all the food came.
My drink was Apple + *I can't remember which mixer* Vodka. LOL (luckily I ordered that instead of Lychee Martini)

Photos with the girl and off I went.

Timbre @ the Substation
45 Armenian Street
Singapore 179936
Nearest MRT station: City Hall/Dhoby Ghaut

After which, I rushed back to Orchard and visited No. 5. Little did I know that there are actually pubs along that stetch. Ok my first.

Jagerbomb and Lychee Martini.
(so now you know why I felt lucky that I didn't order that previously) even though both drinks were ordered for me by my colleagues. Yea I "went drinking" with them for about 3 times? But I always had 1-2 drinks only. I'm still learning (to protect myself) :P

Star of the night, Chika.
She can really drink a lot, given that we both are of the same age.

No. 5
5 Emerald Hill Road
Singapore 229289
Nearest MRT station: Somerset

A group of us left early to catch the last train. Luckily, I managed to catch the last train. It was tiring but was a long but fun night. I reached home at about 12+ and knocked out at 1am. (& I think my mother starts to suspect I went drinking everytime I stayed out late...)


Yea I had plan the next day.
I skipped my lunch to go down to Concorde Shopping Centre to collect the tickets only on the day of screening -.-

The Amazing Spiderman in 3D :)

Since Rachel had cravings and I didn't have proper lunch, we decided for Kang Kong and Sambal Fish beside TripleOne after the movie screening.

It was a great bonding time with the babe. Till the next.

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