Monday, September 3, 2012


I wanted to publish this last Tuesday but have no idea why I didn't do that when everything was written already.

I think it is needless for me to introduce an running app by Nike, called NikePlus. It is now one of my favourite apps - I even placed the app in my home screen.

I secretly launched the app just to take a look at the distance/time/calories I ran/took/burnt. It's like so happy to see the number keep increasing or having a new record every time you ran. All your hard work and effort placed into it. LOL.

(as of 27 August 2012)

So 27 August marks the 20th run (11th run in August 2012) - not a lot (yet) but I'll keep going. I can't believe I recorded more runs in August 2012 than the combined number of runs in October/November/December 2012. I'm so inactive during that time.

I'm so glad that the goal of running at least thrice a week had been completed last week! And I'm into the 4th week already! Time really flies when you are working.

I've just created a new goal to run at least 15km/week for 3 weeks - I wanted to make it 21.1km (half marathon) = at least 4 runs/week (average 5.3km/run), but I figure that I need to be realistic since school is starting. At least make a goal that you can keep going even when you have new plans, so 15km/week makes about 3 runs of 5km each.

Well, these are my current best scores. You might think the result is not good as compared to those who are of the same age as me, but I only challenge myself, so I will always challenge myself to break a record after each run. At least there is some motivation right?

27 August: Much-needed run after 4 days of not moving my butt. 5km still within 40mins :) #record
I think I got that record because I ran fastest at the last 1km of 5km because I wanted to keep 5km within 40 minutes, otherwise I wouldn't have made it. At least it motivates me :P

I used to hate running outside because there is no one to accompany, I prefer indoor/gyms, I don't look good outdoors blah blah blah. Excuses a lot. But now I learn to accept outdoor sports because I don't have any indoor facilities to visit especially after I graduate, so I suppose it is a good thing.

SHAPE magazine says "50. That's the percentage of improvement in mental health if people took workouts outdoors as opposed to logging a gym session, according to the 2008 Scottish Health Survey. And it doesn't matter what you do - whether it's a leisurely stroll or long run through the woods - you'll reap the mood-enhancing benefits either way!"
I do agree with the statement. I found myself being happier and more positive.

After the first step, you don't just stop there. You have to persevere in order to succeed. It is difficult but I believe I'll see my labour of fruit soon, hopefully.

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