Thursday, January 3, 2013

[Review] Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash & Sealing Jell

Acne is something that everyone dislike, something we all hope that it won't stay on our face. I am sure many of us have attempted some ways to salvage the situation. Visiting the doctor (be it general practioner or dermatologist), cleaning with water, using normal soap or home remedies to rescue. I had my bad times as well. Sometimes I feel that the skin just needs very mild normal body soap to remove impurities.

Recently, I got to know more about Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Skincare products.

Mentholatum Acnes has a proven 3-step daily skincare regime. With its natural, effective and gentle anti-bacterial ingredients, it helps to prevent pimples with regular use. It’s the most trusted anti-acne brand among Japanese youths, and is gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Basically this range of products are targeted at those who are faced with acne, like me (even though I am over the teenage age - but it can grow on anyone's face if proper care is not taken.). Nope I am not saying I did not take care of my face - who do not want clear nice skin? It is necessary for anyone to have a skincare regimen so that acne will stay clear of your face and the probability of you facing more problems in the future will also be reduced.

Mentholatum Acnes Step 1 - Cleanse

Acnes Creamy Wash
Removes excess sebum and keeps your skin soft & moist! Mild and non-irritating creamy wash for daily use to effectively prevent pimples!

Helps prevent pimples. Removes dirt, oil and impurities.

Anti-bacterial: Contains Isopropyl Methyphenol (o-Cymen-5-ol) which penetrates deep into pores to fight against bateria and prevent pimples.
Soothing: Helps sooth redness and skin irritation caused by acne. Prevents aggravation of pimples.
Deep Cleansing: Helps unclogs pores and reduce blemishes by deeply cleansing to remove dirt, oil, impurities and excess sebum.
Moisture Retention: Contains Vitamin C with moisture retention benefits, leaving your skin soft and moisturized after wash.
Anti-oxidation: Contains Vitamin E, an effective anti-oxidant, to keep the elasticity of your skin.

I like mild and refreshing wash that gives an instant clean feeling. This is one that can provide with that feeling. The lemony-scent wash gives a good amount of lather and helps to remove impurities, leaving my skin fresh and clean. However, because this product is meant for oily skin, it might not be very suitable for someone who has combination skin (oily on T zone, dry on U zone) like me.

Mentholatum Acnes Step 2 - Tone & Moisturise

I think this is a relatively important step after cleansing. I was told that our skin can absorb faster and better after bath/shower. So remember to tone and moisturise the face as soon as you get out of the bathroom.

Mentholatum Acnes Step 3 - Special Care

Acnes Sealing Jell
Prevents acne formation. Suitable for oily and blemished skin, tightens pores, deeply cleanses and regulates skin condition.

Comprehensive Anti-Acne Treatment

Anti-bacterial: Contains Triclosan to penetrate the pores and prevent formation of acne bacteria.
Soothing: Sooths discomfort of acne-proned skin.
Oil control: Keeps oil secretion under control and helps remove excessive sebum.
Effective acne treatment: Contains Sulfur which helps unblock pores and promotes healing.

- Contains Vitamin E and B6 to prevent dry and rough skin
- Oil-free and mild formulation
- Mild and pleasant fragrance

I am actually afraid of applying acne/pimple cream because I was once told that it is meant to dry out the acne out so that it will not exist. I was initially afraid that this product would leave a dry and flaky feeling on my skin, but I was wrong. The yellowish jell provides a mild and pleasant fragrance and a soothing feeling. After application, you can feel the oil-free-formulated gel being absorbed into the skin (even though not immediately). Such product need to be applied with gentle care - I advise to tab onto the skin, instead of rubbing which might inflict it.

With proper care and practice of good hygiene, I am sure the acnes will steer clear off your face.

Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Skincare


Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Skincare series is retailing at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, Unity and other major department stores.

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