Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cooking & food

One of my passions is cooking, yes, especially cooking for someone you love. :)
Though I'm not a food person.

But my mother often says I don't have the patience to cook, because I tend to be impatience while waiting for the food to be cook like keep stirring the food. Even my F&N teacher says so. She even told the whole class not to keep stirring the food and doing something to it when it's not cooked.

I think when I have patience to cook, it's love.
Joking only, seriously joking.
I must learn to cook every food with love :)

I cook almost everyday. Simple food like sausages and popcorn chicken. Yummy. Those are simple food that you take out of the freezer and put in boiling oil and tada. Done and can be eaten even though it's a little burnt.

Other than that, I like to bake cupcakes. Hmm... cookies are not my type. I'm too lazy to get to the part where I had to "cut" the dough. One by one - takes more time than baking a cake. :)

I dream to make a almond fruit cake, which is like a bit impossible because I'm lazy to place the fruits and almond slowly onto the cake :P


Porridge should be easy to cook. All you have to do is put uncooked rice in, wash it and add water (more than what is needed to cook rice). Turn on the gas, light the stove and place it onto the stove. Wait for the rice to be cook and absorb water.

Ya, simple. But my mother and teacher told me not to stir it or rather disturb it while it's cooking. Weird ah. So I followed their instructions.

Guess what?


Even before the porridge appears, the UNCOOKED rice was stuck at the bottom at the pot. ~_~
& there was a burning smell! eeeeeeeee

Where on Earth did I go wrong?!

Yes, you shouldn't disturb the food while cooking it. But you have to check back often to see if it's alright and make sure nothing went wrong.

Especially porridge, it's different from other food. You have to add in more water when there isn't enough or stir it so that it would stick on the bottom of the pot.

I was only 14 then. What do I really know about cooking though I'm learning Home Econs then?!


Another one about cupcakes. Ya, simple. What can go wrong then?

Hmm.. all started because one thing. Let me tell you that later.
I have a recipe to make 6 cupcakes at one time. Time consuming because 6 cupcakes per time only. So I double the recipe and make 12 cupcakes at the same time.

Haha, guess what?

The cupcakes comes in all sizes even though I put almost the same amount in each cake cases. Because the flour and sugar didn't mix in well, which left them in some here and there. So the result didn't turn out well.

Likewise, if I did the 6-cupcakes recipe, it would have turned up well. Because small sizing of ingredients are easier to mix.

All because of my laziness......

I did that on Valentine's Day for my friends. Yup, lucky they didn't complain. :)

Well, if you want a cupcake from me on the next Valentine's Day, remember to tell me. I will be happy to do so.


Lesson learnt. Not everything is the same and some things need more attention than others.

You cannot just leave the porridge there and come back 5 minutes later to realise that it's burnt. For sausages, may be yes. But definitely not for porridge.

By doubling the recipe, it doesn't work out even though it saves time. So do it the right way and with love :)


Anyway, talking about cooking and food. There's a movie related to it too :)
Julie & Julia - Nah, they aren't blood-related. What has 2 different people at different time got to do with each other? About cooking and food :)

You can catch the trailer here.

Yup, nothing is impossible. So I will work towards my goal when I have the time to do so :)

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