Thursday, February 25, 2010

CNY, Exams & Post-Exams

Have been busy this few weeks/days. Many projects were due and exams were coming as CNY is nearing.

Shouldn't we enjoy when it's CNY? Admit it, it's the time that we played with our cousins and sit down and talk about interesting things that happen within a year since we met (as for me, we only get to see each other once a year). But as years passed, the gap gets bigger and we don't talk much to each other anymore. :( Kinda sad.

However, what I love about CNY is hong baos! :P The CNY goodies :) The black seeds, the pink kueh and more~ (No pictures, ps)

Me: *steps into the kitchen and then walk around* I go toilet ah.
Aunty: Go toilet also want to tell.
Me: I scared you all cannot find me ah!
Then we started laughing.
Me: *still in the toilet s*
Mummy: Where are you?
Me: *laugh* in toilet, see you cannot find me. *went out of toilet*
Mummy: I thought you are missing.

Everything in Chinese. Direct translation :P


Exams came up few days after CNY. I didn't really have the mood to study due to CNY but bo bian. BLAW, POA, BMGT & MAEC.

I must say my most confident one is DSS. HAHAHA, easiest of all.

But who knows what might happen? (Still hope I get A and above for DSS)

I must score at least 2A's and may be no C's to get a higher GPA than what I have now. 3 A's would be great or even 4. HAHAHA :P


Yesterday, after MAEC exam (the last paper), went JP with Rachel.

She couldn't stop thinking about maxi & her mum sponsored her. SO GOOD~ I can't believe due to her infuence, I bought 1 too. I've got to save during this holidays and get a job.


Today, many things happen. But then I shall talk about the shopping only. (Shall talk about another event on the next few posts)

I can't believe I bought that TOPSHOP dress which is on discount ($20 lesser) but it's still expensive. But then if I don't buy, I will keep thinking about it. :(

Anyway, tried finding a job and submitted 1 form today :) They called me after 1-2hours and told me to go for interview tomorrow. Efficient. Thank you. Hopefully I can get the job. Wish me luck :)

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