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Toy Story 3

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What happens to the toys when you grow up?
Tuck them aside or throw them away or give them away?

This is what nearly 18-year-old Andy faced when he's going to college in Toy Story 3.

Toy Story 3 has come back with many new characters & some of them, which I like:

Hmm.. BIG BABY? Nah, not really, I used to imagine the baby will come to life and it's kinda scary.
I used to like it and after I had one for the first time from my aunt (& the baby is still in package till now). But when you look into the eyes, it's really really really scary to the extent that I turned the box around to face the other side, and not face me. It will be scary if it looks at me when I'm sleeping.
I know it's kinda stupid to think of such stuff o.0
People might think that as a girl, the favourite character would be KEN, the bachelor.
HAHAHAHA! It's really funny when he said that he isn't a girl's toy. But we all know that a boy won't buy a "boy" toy to play with as it's rather gay. HAHAHA :P
I guess it's a complimentary toy with Barbie. TEEHEE.
So you get what I mean? It's a GIRL toy!
He has big muscles which girls dream of in a guy, I suppose? :P But it's afterall a toy. It needs to be perfect to be liked by children, right? :)
How about BARBIE? (It isn't a new toy.) It's every girl's favourite doll.
I used to like Barbie a lot, dressing them up with different style. I like the dressing up (fashion) part and the "high tea" part.
I played with the hair too and had the temptation of cutting it because I want to know how a barber feel like. HAHAHA. I know it's ridiculous :P But of course, I didn't.

Okay, I shall not keep you all in suspense.

My favourite toy story 3 character is
*drums roll please*


Yes, DOLLY! :) Why?

Since young, I always wanted a doll/soft toy that looks like me. I'm not saying that Dolly looks like me or something. But it's like I like it from the first look.

She has big eyes, which I like :)
So cheeky and rabbit teeth. TEEHEE.
2 big ponytails with butterfly rubber bands (so cute), just like what I used to have.
It's like a plushie, even though it's just a rag doll. But even a little imperfection in a toy makes it so nice and pretty. Add up small little pretty things makes a big beauty. Just like her.

I used to imagine my toy to have brown hair with 2 ponytails, big eyes, red cheeks, rabbit teeth (TEEHEE), pink princess dress, and white shoes/heels.

Lovely. What a good imagination I have when I was a little girl. TEEHEE.

My favourite scene in the trailer is...

...when the kids rushed into the room to play the toys.

Poor Rex, being knocked by the door when the door is pushed open.

Wow, I think that the kids who ran into the room to play the toys are really like... don't know how to describe. It's like too much? We don't do that when we were young right? We aren't that anxious, but these kids are really anxious to the point that they "bully" the toys.

I think the scene passes really fast because the kids just rushed in and played with the toys like it's the first time they are playing it. We can really see how desperate the kids are to play the toys.

I want to see how the kids can really have so many fun "bullying" the toys. Perhaps when we're young, all we want to do is play. So toys are like our "homework". HEHEHE.

Poor thing, you toys.

^^ This is rather peaceful, eh?
Aww, so cute, you little kids.

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