Monday, September 13, 2010

First day of intern

Well, it started quite well, but it went wrong after that.

Woke up at 6am, yup, quite early actually and left house at 7.15am since I thought the journey takes only 30 minutes, little did I know the bus stop is filled with people taking the same bus as me. The first one came and I couldn't get up, so I thought I wait for 2nd one, but it was also crowded too.

I was almost late. I was in a rush but had to get visitor's pass :( But the security seems to refuse to give it to me because I told him I'm going for internship at ____. Then went up and reached office, just nice at 8.30am :D

I was brought to my desk but my supervisor was in meeting so another colleague introduced me to some of the people :D Couldn't remember their name -.-

When she came, it was like 10.15am, so what did I do before that? Reading newspapers and completing 2 sudoku puzzles. She asked what time I would prefer to come! 8 or 830 or 9? I choose the 2nd one. So good :D Since the desktop was not ready, so I had to read about the company/industry and it was really boring.

"tariff" "spot market" "energy intensity" do these look familiar to you? Haha, yup. Something related to IEF. It's like last time IEF I did about energy and some one was complaining about rubbish I wrote for the report and yet I read something similar in the report for the ENERGY MARKET. Seriously, screw you.

Lunch time! I was treated. Actually it was one of the colleague's birthday and she had the voucher, so we went to Sushi Tei in Vivo :D The SALMON SKIN is loved, superb. Then she even said "should have gone to Bakerzin." and I was like "wow" in my mind. The lunch took more than an hour, haha.

After lunch, we saw the CEO at the lift. I didn't know it's the CEO and she introduced. Then he goes "Oh so you are the girl who's on the news?" Then I was like "Huh?" *Like OMG, what happened sia?* Then she said "Oh ya, she didn't get the email, so you didn't know. Until now, the desktop wasn't ready for her." *Ohhhh*

I asked her what I can do because the desktop was still not ready and she gave me a more-than-50 pages report to read. OMG sia, I read until I want to sleep. But I cannot.

In the middle, she had to settle some mooncake stuffs for customers, so I was asked to help. Wow, the mooncake box had the company's logo on :D Cool, and I'm going to help to hand out the mooncake to the internal people when the delivery comes on Thursday :D

She even treated me to mooncakes :D In between little breaks. Haha, can bring food to office. I shall buy snacks and bring to office tomorrow! Considering to bring lunch to work to save money since the pantry has microwave and coffee and food! :D They also take little breaks, like talking about other stuff and going to pantry.

It's a really big 1.5-storey office (Haha, because the 1st floor is by us and another company and 2nd one is totally ours) I think the whole office knows that I'm the girl and they kept looking at me when I went up to the 2nd floor -.-

I wanted to get off work at 6pm! Having slight headache from the reading. But when clock strikes 6pm, I was waiting for my supervisor to ask me to knock off, but at 6.20pm, she told me to knock off and asked why I'm still here. -.- Then she told me to just go off without her at 6pm, just let her know that I'm going off, same goes for lunch :D

I had to get visitor's pass tomorrow too! She didn't pass me a tag today, too busy for her. :(

Went to interchange and the bus went off -.- What a day?

The reason why I didn't go on msn, etc after the desktop was ready is because I don't want to do so, getting bad reputation. My desk is like facing the other side so when people walked past, they can see what I'm doing and my supervisor is just behind me. I just want to get work done and she'll be happy with me :D I didn't even want to use my phone during work even though the people there use phone during work too!



  1. i continued using my phone, only avoiding letting my supervisor use me using it. haha.
    and i usually leave the office on the dot. haha.
    Glad to know that the people treat you rather well. enjoy your time there. :)

  2. Haha, thanks. But just to play safe :D since I'm the only intern there.