Friday, September 3, 2010


Took using the camera. Admit that the colour is a bit dull. Will improve on it.

Yay, I went to Comex 2010 to get my Canon Powershot S95.

I mentioned before that I wanted to get myself a camera before this year ends. But I didn't expect it so soon! I mean, like I thought I won't have the money etc. And when I have it, I'm so excited to get it that I checked Canon website almost everyday to ensure the price remains the same :D But S90 became $799 after staying at $749 for quite some time.

I wanted S90 before that, but S95 came about 2 weeks ago and weeeee, I think, it's a better/improved version than S90 and it's cheaper! Wee, I'm a happy girl now. Bought it myself and I'm proud of myself!

Guess what free gifts I got:
- Screen Protector
- Casing
-2 8GB memory card
- Tripod
- Cleaning kit
- Mouse
- Multislot adapter
- Calculator
- Cap (-.-)

I decided to go for the complimentary product training on S95 to know more/learn how to use the features! However, the next one is 15th Sept on 2-4pm, but got internship! So, I shall wait for the next schedule to be updated first.

But I'm going to start saving again! Haha.

To my dear Valencia. We must save together okay? I really feel like travelling with you guys! Start saving today! I shall post up my saving tips because of you :D

Here are my saving tips:

1. Keep all your money in the bank.
Having excess money in the wallet will only allow you to spend it all.

2. Have only $10 or enough money to last for the whole day's meal.
So that you will restrain yourself from withdrawing money (troublesome).

3. Deposit your little savings every other day/every week.
Even a little money like $20 will also help in your saving in the long run.

Hope these little tips help :)

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