Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I know I should be studying right now. But I'm so tempted to blog after like a month of not blogging/reading other people's blog. Oh well, just once.

1. Sidebar & Topbar

As you can see at the sidebar and the topbar? I have added pages. Okay, it's just one additional page, which has only a little stuff. (HAHAHA) Eh I added! Yes, you can ask me anything through this application now! :D Just felt like creating it, so tada.

2. Saturday's date with Rachel

Actually, it was due to BonitoChico's 4th Birthday Bash at Zirca that I date her. Initially she didn't want to go and I wanted to, just to see how it feels like.

Oh well, the door was supposed to open at 2.30pm. Kiasu us wanted to get the goodie bag, no matter what. Nope, we didn't start queuing at 12pm even though we heard that the queue started from 11am. We reached the end of the queue at about 1.50pm. & it was already a long queue. We stood at the same spots with more than 10cm heels for like 1+hours. The door opened at slightly after 3pm.

When we got in, it was like dark dark and it kinda spoil my mood. Perhaps I never been to a club and it should be like this, I guess? So, we settle down at the 2nd level, and we sat down on the floor so that we could see the stage as part of the ceiling was blocking it.

Haha, the fashion show started and I like the Maxi dress! We get to drop the ticket stub into the number of that outfit we can get to win. I didn't choose that maxi in the end. Oh well.

Oh did I mention we need to print our tickets ourselves and that everyone had different size. I printed mine and Rachel's together in A4 paper. But it was quite small as compared to those people who printed one in A4. Wow, Rachel said I should have printed larger so that got bigger chance because easier to grab? Oh well.

The funny part (I think) was when they picked the first prize. It was the small paper and I imagined it to be Rachel's or mine. Haha, of course it's not ours. It's fated, I guess. I wanted that KATE SPADE prize! The "youngest" winner was only a "born-in-90" :(

BonitoChico changed to Love, Bonito ( :D
They also have FaceBook & Twitter!

Everyone who has the goodie bag had a balloon, which both of us released it after the event. Well, I think mine got stucked to the tree :(

3. Canon Cameras

Went to Megatex Electronics & IT fair with mummy on Sunday. I wanted to buy Canon Powershot S90, but realised it was sold out :( Then was thinking of G11, but sold out too. Next, EOS 550D, also sold out.

S90: I like this one because it's compact and portable, easier to be carried around without any trouble.
G11: The screen can be twisted and webcam!
550D: Well, after all, it's a DSLR (which almost everyone wants to get) but it's difficult to carry around.

For now, I'm still thinking which one to buy. Any suggestions? No matter what, I still want to buy a Canon camera!

4. Moved

Moved my personal selling page to livejournal.
Just felt like changing so TADA :)

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