Saturday, October 30, 2010


I'm definitely not a food person. I cannot tell which is nicer, unless people tell me, but obviously I can tell the extreme.

I like to bake cup cakes, it's one of my favourites. Well, most of the time I'm baking it.

When it comes to food, I like to eat something I like rather than something just to feel my stomach. So what happens when I can't find something I want to eat when I'm hungry? o.0

Walk into the kitchen + Cook up something

Well, that's the normal reaction when you are suddenly hungry. Obviously you go to the kitchen to search for food when you're hungry right? But that's not the weird part.

The weird part is that you know that the fridge doesn't have any food, but you just kept walking into the kitchen and opening the fridge find something to eat. Who doesn't do that? You can open the fridge up to 5 times per hour and yet find nothing you want to eat in the fridge.

So there's something in the fridge. o.0

Wah, siao. Almost everything in the freezer. It would taken like an hour to defroze it and another 1/2-1 hour to have it cook.

As much as I want to cook a meal for myself to eat, I'm lazy because I'm already hungry? Who cares about all these when you are hungry. You just want to grab something right? So is there anything ready? :P

Drink lots of water

They say that drinking lots of water make you full and you won't feel hungry! HAHA.
Drinking water is better than taking other drinks, at least it's healthier.

BUT you will be bloated. STOP!

Clear the table mess

Well, it takes some time to do so and I'm distracted while doing.

WAH LAH! Nah, it's still messy.

Do up your hair

Haha, I'm sure many girls would like to take pictures of themselves. I'm going to take pictures of myself with different hairdo. Normal, pin-up, tie, etc. It's to distract myself.

Normal OR Messy?

Tie Up: Ponytail OR Plaits?

Pin Up: Flower Corsage OR Flower Hair Pin?

Hair Band?

Pin Up + Plaits - Tie 1 side or 2 sides?

Ahhh forget it. Must go to the kitchen and search deeper for food!

Open the cupboards and look what I found?!


What the hell are they doing inside? -.-
Apparently my parents hide it so that my brother won't find and finish them within 1 day.

HAHA, this is ridiculous. Yes, my brother will finish some food that he found within a day.

What's more?

No Added MSG
No artificial colouring
Cholestrol and trans fat free
20% less fat than conventional fried potato chips

Well, potato can already substitute rice since both of them contains carbohydrates :P I'm sure you have heard of eating potato as a meal: Rösti, Sweet Potato, etc.

What about Potato Chips? Mister Potato Rice Crisps is just like Potato Chips.

I prefer to have something to eat together with rice, so I wanted to get SOUR CREAM & ONION and HOT & SPICY but apparently, I went to several stores to find the SOUR CREAM & ONION flavour and it's sold out :( Perhaps it's too popular. Oh well, I shall get it another time.

Perhaps you can get ORIGINAL flavour and put cheese and eat! Hmm.. Yup I'm a cheese lover, but not all kinds of cheese :P

For me who loves to munch/snack, I would pretty much love something that I can do so and not get fat/gain weight! I'm not saying that this will not let you gain weight, there are other possibilities too. So this will be an awesome snack.

You should all try it...

There’s no need to act like a madman because there is Mister Potato Rice Crisps for you to munch on, anytime, anywhere.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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