Sunday, December 26, 2010

Give up your seats

Does it annoy you when the only empty seat is the reserved (priority) seat?

Well, I do, but I would not get that seat either. It's my principle. But partly because that big sign was kinda BIG and "attractive". I will feel guilty for sitting at some priority seat, being reserved for the elderly, the disabled, the pregnant ladies and the women with young children.

Remember this?


I remember this in the bus. Haha, I have no idea what is the green one in this picture.

BUT that's not the point.

Does that mean that only PRIORITY seats can be given up to the needed?

Rachel knew that I dislike sitting at the priority seat and there were 2 seats, which one of them was that, so she sat there and I'm beside her. We're carrying laptops and bagpacks. When it reached a certain stop, this guy sitting 2 seats away from me tapped on me and said "Hey, tell your friend to give up your seat to the lady." I felt weird to tell Rachel, so I stood up and gave the seat instead. Rachel stood and asked as well. She was pissed off after knowing and said "ONLY PRIORITY SEATS then can give up?" loudly and obviously people turned.

We did look, and not like we did it on suppose that we don't want to give up. The lady doesn't look like an elderly either. I bet the lady felt awkward after both of us gave up the seat.

Yup, if you are so great (伟大), why not you give up your seats? It's true, why must it only be the priority seat that must be given up? If you have a heart for the needy people, you will definitely give up no matter where you are sitting.

What if you are facing a dilemma with 2 of those people standing in front of you? What would you do? Give up your seat to one of them or just continue sitting?

It really happened to me.
There was 2 elderly people standing in front of me in the train. I'm not sure what to do. It's like you will tap someone if you are giving the person the seat, but who are you going to tap on? It will be awkward if you gave up your seat and both wants to sit.

Well, you see lots of situations in the buses/trains.

It might be difficult to give up seats to needy people on the bus.
There was once this guy who wanted to gave up to these old man, but when he turned to the old man and tapped on him, another person went to sit.

You just see people, sleeping, playing itouch, reading books and more, especially in the train.

When the buses and trains are crowded, you see the selfishness of the people. You can see the "kan chiong" part. They just rushed into the train, without letting people out first.

Sometimes you just want to say "SIAM LAH", meaning go away. Why must it only be when the people raised their voice, then the people moved aside to let people out first?

BUS. Sometimes you just feel lazy to queue for the bus in the interchange, that's understood. I do that too. But if the bus took very long to come, then there are 40% people queuing and 60% not queuing. Some of the 60% wants to get up the bus just to have a seat then they cut the queue of the 40%. I faced that.

If I'm the 60%, I would obviously let the 40% go up the bus first. And I guess other people shared the same sentiments with me. There was this group of Malay guys who shouted "Excuse me" to those people who wanted to cut queue.

I mean like if you don't want to queue and yet cut queue, that's ridiculous.

Take a holiday like yesterday as an example.

People are KPO as well. My father stood a distance away from me and my mother. He wanted to call us to get down when it reached the station. Obviously I know where we are getting off, not saying that I don't need him to tell me or what. But it's just that when my father called, a lot of people turned to me and I rolled my eyes. What's so nice to see?

I said loudly when I left the train and people who were around me also left, obviously heard what I said. DON'T EVEN THINK THAT I CAN'T HEAR WHAT YOU SAY WHEN I'M ON MY EAR PIECE.

We took this bus and it was crowded. People like to rush up the bus and pushed me aside, like "HELLO! JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO GET A SEAT, YOU SACRIFICE OTHER'S SAFETY? HOW IRRESPONSIBLE."

You see the young people sitting down and the older people standing up. I said this to my father: People really don't know how to give up seats to the elderly.

Perhaps it's because these signs are not big enough to attract people, that's the reason for the big big blue sign.

Even though, there was a campaign held for giving up your seats, how many people did the campaign actually influence?
I found this:

Are these people that desperate for a seat? Can't you just give it up to someone who really NEED it more than you do?

I would, even if I'm wearing heels.

Dislcaimer: What has been written in this post is based on individual opinions. Pictures are credited to google images.

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