Tuesday, March 22, 2011

100 facts about me

I've decided to do this post since #100factsaboutme is trending on Twitter! Woo.
  1. My name is Tan Xue Ling.
  2. I'm born on 6 July.
  3. I was a premature baby.
  4. I'm turning 19 this year. (Now you can guess which year I'm born in, heh)
  5. My aunt gave me an English name called "Jerene" and I decided to put it in my IC as well :)
  6. I have a younger brother.
  7. I'm going to graduate with a Diploma in Business Studies (Marketing) plus* in 2012.
  8. I'm still deciding whether to continue Business-related course or take Mathematics-related course.
  9. Mathematics is my favourite subject.
  10. It is also my best subject.
  11. I have won 2-3 awards for the subject.
  12. I'm grateful to all my teachers. (Yes, I mean it)
  13. Especially to my Primary 1 form teacher, who totally changed my life.
  14. I got a B3 for Chinese initially, and decided not to retake it. But due to my teacher's high expectation and encouragement, I retook it and got A1.
  15. I was in Choir during Secondary School.
  16. I was never late for school (Pri-Sec).
  17. I have never gotten any detention class.
  18. I drink a bottle of Brand's chicken essence everyday during the exams.
  19. I had my first official job when I was 17.
  20. I worked as a Part-timer in Forever21 Wisma.
  21. I'm now working as a Part-timer in Cache Cache ION.
  22. My hair is still natural in colour :)
  23. I like long hair.
  24. I love bangs.
  25. I have braces.
  26. It will be 2 years, 5 days later.
  27. I wear clear contact lenses.
  28. The brand is Acuvue.
  29. I have only a pair of ear holes.
  30. I like natural make up.
  31. I like eyeliners.
  32. I prefer nude pink lips to red lips.
  33. I love Pink colour.
  34. I like floral prints as well.
  35. I like Baby Mickey & Minnie.
  36. I have lots of them at home.
  37. I have a curfew for myself.
  38. I dislike/hate going back home late.
  39. I prefer cold night to warm night.
  40. I start to switch off my laptop before 10pm.
  41. I usually go to bed at 1030pm.
  42. I cannot fall asleep with the slightest noise.
  43. I cover myself with blanket even though it's not cold at night.
  44. I don't like to spoil my body clock.
  45. I put an alarm even though I have nothing the next day.
  46. I prefer being early to being on time.
  47. I'm afraid of heights.
  48. I make sure that my wallet has less than $20 all the time.
  49. I tend to deposit all my money in the bank.
  50. I have 2 bank accounts.
  51. I'm starting to bring and use wet wipes wherever I go.
  52. I still don't have my own room.
  53. If you wonder why, there is a tenant in the house.
  54. But I'm getting it back this year.
  55. I don't really know how to do my own medicure and pedicure.
  56. I like online shopping, but I only buy blogshop's own manufactured stuff.
  57. I also like retail therapy (offline shopping).
  58. I don't like to wear jeans.
  59. I don't sit at reserved seat in trains.
  60. My favourite singer is Angela Zhang.
  61. I prefer Chinese songs to English songs.
  62. My idols are Jeanette Aw, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.
  63. I like iced milo.
  64. I also like iced milk tea.
  65. I prefer KOI.
  66. I love home-cooked food.
  67. I love chocolates.
  68. I like roti prata with sugar.
  69. I like congee/porridge with you tiao.
  70. The school's tom yum you mian is one of my favourites.
  71. Far East plaza's chicken rice is awesome.
  72. I love to bake.
  73. But I hate the aftermath part.
  74. I feel that I'm conservative.
  75. I use sticky notes sometimes.
  76. I suffer from hair loss :(
  77. I am scared of insects and small bugs.
  78. Sorry, but I dislike smokers.
  79. I don't watch horror movies.
  80. I own a Kate Spade bag.
  81. That's the only most branded stuff I have.
  82. I like Jansport backpack.
  83. I like to go Watsons to buy things.
  84. My left arm was hurt when I was K2 and now I just sprained my left ankle.
  85. I'm still using wired internet connection at home.
  86. I got a CANON Powershot S95 at the IT fair last year.
  87. My current phone is a Blackberry.
  88. I don't charge my phone daily -.-
  89. I'm using a Fujitsu laptop.
  90. I don't like to use battery for my laptop.
  91. I'm using Vichy products for my skin.
  92. I use cleanser, apply toner, essence and moisturiser twice a day, and night cream before I go to bed.
  93. I like the show "Shake it up".
  94. The only time the whole family travelled on plane was to Hong Kong when I was Primary 3
  95. We went back to Indonesia, my mother's hometown, every 2-3 years.
  96. Jia Leng is my gym/exercise partner/mate.
  97. I don't have a boyfriend. I'm still waiting for the right one.
  98. I have a rather-close, can-be-considered-best-friend named Valencia.
  99. I have a best best friend named Rachel.
  100. I have a blogshop named Sixth Julys.
*Not confirmed yet

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