Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Excuse me, but I was here first."

From the title, I guess you all know what I want to talk about!
It's quite a wordy entry.

I have no idea why people really like to cut my queue, I mean it. This happens like at least once a month, from the school, to buying stuff, to fast food restaurants, and even supermarket!

If you have followed my twitter, I complained about this before!

I don't know if it's an auntie or the teacher/lecturer/tutor who cut my queue in school, but I prefer to assume her as other people (auntie), not from school. I was queuing up for food with Rachel when this auntie just cut in between us.
The thing is she even turned back and smiled at me, meaning you know that we are queuing, but you are just pretending that I would let you?

The next one, at Caltex. If you come to the petrol station at the area where I'm living, you probably see/understand/know the queue line. It's like there's a single queue, when reaching the counters, the queue will split into 2, for 2 counters. While waiting for your turn, you are at single queue, until the counter is free, you move towards it. But when you are alone, and you're queuing at the single, someone tends to cut your queue and stand behind the person at the counter. That's when I've gone mad! What the? Luckily the girl at the counter knows that I was there first by asking me to pay before that person!

I was queuing up for popeyes, standing behind the person at counter/cashier but was looking at the screen. Someone just cut in when the person in front walk off. I tried to clear my throat loudly but she didn't hear me. Like hello? I'm like a transparent thing?

At shop and save, I was queuing to have the items I'm buying paid. But the lady simply ignore me and cut my queue. There was someone in front of me and I was standing a distance away from her, when that lady just got in. Even though she has only ONE item, it doesn't mean she can cut my queue.

Say I'm jealous or petty, but I don't like people who cut queue. Even if you cut queue, at least turn to me and give way, I most probably won't go in front and let you first, because it's already very awkward.

That's when I really appreciate those who acknowledge my presence when they "cut in" and still give way.

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