Sunday, May 22, 2011

Best of the week

I attended the Vichy Bi-White Reveal workshop yesterday. It was rather fast. The person showed us how to wash and apply on our face the right way. It was demostrated on some suitable candidate. The result was fantastic! She really became whiter.

But the workshop was a free-and-easy one, where anyone could attend. Honestly, I was hoping for a better one, because I've got invited to the event (due to the contest I joined 5 weeks ago) and thought that it was rather a private one. Oh well. I didn't take any pictures. It was rather crowded as there was 20+10% discount off from 2.30pm to 5.30pm. Actually, some of the products received more than just 30% discount.

I bought Normaderm range of products including cleanser (2 for $43), toner, essence, day moisturizer, night cream, foundation as well as a makeup remover (Pureté Thermale range). I should have also bought the sun screen (UV Pro Secure SPF40) even though it's not finished yet. Some are going to finish soon, to stock up as well. Some people are real worse, they buy 5 bottles of the same product!

It was totally worth the price as compared to no discount at all! I paid all at $180+ using MasterCard and guess what? The person beside me paid $440+ using Nets and she has no PAssion Card, like so not worth it.

Ok, not bad, 8 products for $180. Usually, you can only purchase about 5 products with that amount. I remembered the first time when I purchased their products, I spent $220 on just 5 products.

Oh, if you purchased cumulative $200 (200 points), you will receive some form of reward, be it a retail size product or a pouch with some samples. Be a Vichy member and you'll know. You'll also get something when you become a member! YAY!

I'll write my review soon when I have time :P I've been using Vichy Normaderm range for about 4 months already!

I heard that Thermal Spa Water was good and recommended, but I didn't get it. I decided not to spend too much on facial products. I know it will be worth it, but may be not now.

Especially after I received the news that my application for Marketing study trip to Shanghai and Suzhou is accepted! Ok, I went gaga after I received the news when queuing up to purchase the products. Happy like mad, totally lifted my spirits.

Finally, I got Philips Standmixer (left). It was on discount, heh. I have Handmixer (right) but without the stand. Since it's the same brand, it can be used! Yay! Most of the time, the reason why I'm lazy to bake is due to the stand. The mixer is way too heavy and I dislike carrying for 5 minutes or more! :( You can literally feel the strain if hold it for too long.

Say YES to my best buys of the day! Happygirl92.
I feel so shiok after doing up a long and proper post!

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