Wednesday, June 8, 2011


If you have been following my tweets, I have been going out to interview people for the past few days from Saturday. I didn't get any break ever since the holidays started on Saturday.

I'm really grateful to those people who have stood there for more than just 5 minutes just to complete our questionnaire, even though we promised some of them that it would take about few minutes. It isn't a easy thing to ask someone to complete it without giving them any incentives.

We're just a group of students, who just wanted to complete all our questionnaires and reach our quota, for our project. But there are people who are unaware of what we have been through. I understand that our questionnaire is long. I can also understand if you do not wish to do our survey. However, please understand in our point of view that should any one of the questionnaire is not completed, it is considered as void, then why in the first place would you want to agree to it? It would be a waste of our effort as well.

I know I may be bias. I know I have to understand them as well. But it is really not easy to stay at the same place (4 places) for 9 hours each day just to complete all 167 surveys.

Really through this thing, I really saw the way people acted. We are not selling anything. It is just a project. It really have changed my mind. I would help those who are doing surveys in the future, provided that they are not selling anything.

I thank everyone who helped us in our project, or wanted to help but could not. I'm truly and really grateful.

Nobody says it is going to be easy and I know it won't be. I believe I can and I will do it.

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