Monday, August 22, 2011

End of Y3S1

How time flies. It seems like I just entered poly not long ago. Now I'm already in Year 3, and soon the 2nd semester will catch up and end in February. I'm graduating soon in May.

OMG I need to start serious planning for my future!

This semester is the most tiring and stressful one of all the semesters I had. Seriously. And I am so proud that I survived this semester with 8 modules!

Look at my timetable.
It didn't look a lot, but when you are the one experiencing it, die.

I had 8 modules, 1 more than what usually other students have, meaning I can graduate with 1 extra certificate :P Ok, I had to complete and pass all 3 modules to get it. & the last one is in this semester! Wee, so I don't have to stay back in school every Tuesday 5-8pm for extra classes next sem :D

Guess what?

Out of the 15 people in the class, 10 had only 5 modules, the rest of us had IS modules. Thus, you can imagine how less stress they have as compared to the other 5, especially me (only one in class with 8 modules). But we are not having IS next sem while they are having! Weee.

The first term was still alright, but we were informed that when term 2 starts, it will be quick as we will be very busy preparing for final project.

During the 3-week break in June, it wasn't much of the break. The class had to go out and do marketing research and we ended up consolidating the data collected.

Fieldwork. Interviewing people.

I decided to give myself a break by going for the marketing trip at the last week of the break. After that, we had to rush for project, project and it's still project.

It was my first time staying in the school vicinity (loft) twice in a fortnight (once a week for 2 consecutive weeks). Yes, you can now understand how much work was to be completed.

The final presentation came & we were all in holiday mode right after our presentations.

The class with the clients. Formal.

Today marks the end of this sem, since we only had 2 papers and today is the last one :) We are one of the earliest who ended the exams :)

That pretty much sums up my whole semester.

I'm sorry if I had neglected or turned angsty to some people, I was feeling very stressed up when things couldn't be completed on time. I'm sure many of you experienced that before, right?

I'm so so so glad that the semester has ended and I think everyone deserves their well-deserved break. This time I will really appreciate the rest I'm going to have :)

PS: Part (most) of this was written before my last paper. Teehee. I couldn't hold the excitement of having this semester end :P

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