Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Samples for everyone

I'm sharing with you the samples that I've redeemed on Facebook :)
Please note that all information and description are extracted.
For most of the samples to be redeemed, you have to like the Facebook page first.

(only for the ladies)
- A daily intimate protection, that has been specially developed to respect the fragile natural balance of your intimate area.
- Contains natural active ingredients (milk extracts), e.g. lactic acid, which is produced naturally by your body to protect your intimate area.
- Very convenient for daily use
- Ensures gentle and effective cleansing
- Protects you against irritations, burning sensations and mal odours
- Gives you a long-lasting sensation of cleanliness and freshness.

Facebook page:
Redeem sample:

What's in Sample: (not very sure though, because I redeemed very long ago)
- Lactacyd Intimate Daily Wash (small bottle)
- Lactacyd Feminine Wipes (1 pack - 10 sheets)

I actually bought this product way before I redeemed the sample pack and I have been using it for quite some time.
I like the way I feel mine clean and fresh after every wash :)
It's a MUST for all girls to get this! :D

(only for the ladies)
- Sets to differ from traditional menstrual pain relief products
- Combines a rich chocolate drink with natural plant extracts that are targeted to help ladies manage the various symptoms and discomforts during menstruation.
Read about ChocoMarvel here.

Facebook page:
Redeem sample:

What's in Sample:
- Brochure about ChocoMarvel
- 1 sachet of ChocoMarvel

I'm sure many of you have heard of this. I bought the product before I received the sample, because it was coming.
For people who do not like the taste of herbs, I wouldn't recommend, however, you can redeem the sample to try before considering to purchase since it's free.

Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream with ATP
- Firms Facial Contours And Shapes V Face.

Facebook page:
Redeem sample:

What's in Sample:
- Leaflet about Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream with ATP
- 1 small sachet of the cream

I haven't purchased the product because I had quite a number of moisturisers not finished yet.
Neither have I tried the sample yet.
I supposed it's good since we all have heard of the reviews over the media.

Avalon™ Japanese Fish Collagen
- First product in the market that is fortified with Probiotics complex
- A combination of beneficial bacteria that balance the intestinal microflora and to boost collagen peptides and L-Vitamin C absorption
- Doubles the effectiveness of anti-ageing and anti-oxidants, hence resulting in skin becoming radiant and healthy

Facebook page:
Redeem sample:

What's in Sample:
- Brochure about Avalon Japanese Fish Collagen
- 3 satchets of Avalon Japanese Fish Collagen (Blueberry, Lemon, Mango flavour)

I've just received the sample though I redeemed it long ago. Apparently, the mail got lost, so I contacted Avalon for enquiry and they were nice enough to resend a new sample for me :) Of course, I haven't tried it.

Hope this post helps.
Redeem your samples & use them for your good!

Stay tune for another sample post coming up (when I received my samples) :D

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