Monday, October 10, 2011

Fish & Co Food Tasting Session

When it comes to food, I'm not much of a food person. I mean I don't really know where to get good food and go good restaurants unless it is recommended by many. Till date, I only visit those "known" restaurants that are available quite everywhere.

Speaking of food, a few bloggers and I got invited to a food tasting session at Fish & Co at The Clementi Mall.

Someone who does not step into the restaurant or even look at the menu, already can tell what it does. That's a good brand :) By its name, it sells something related to fish. By its slogan/tagline, it sells seafood :)

However, Fish & Co is introducing non-seafood food (ok it sounds weird, but you get what I mean), that is chicken.

We are being introduced the different menus launched :)

My bestie :)

Images of food framed on the wall. Yum yum.

First up, the Student menu.
Dive into Student Fare!

With only $6.95 nett each student set!
It comes with a complimentary drink.

One more thing, introducing the Student Loyalty Card.

Get a stamp for the meal set on the card for every meal set purchased. Upon completion of the card, you will be entitled a free student meal set of your choice! *YAY*

Passion Fruit

Everyone ordered this. MUST try.

7. Captain Hook (Fish & Chips)

I believe Fish & Chips is Fish & Co's signature dish. Of course, a MUST to have.

8. Chicken Burger & Chips

Combination of burger and chicken. A little tomato sauce spread on the burger.

9. Sea Dog (Fish & Chips on a Bun)

Fish served on the bun. It has some chilli spread in the centre of the fish.
A tad different from the usual Fish & Chips.

Up next, 
Happy Lunching

All set lunches comes with colesaw, drink and dessert!
Yay! Get to have 4 dishes in a meal for less than $15 each. Say "Hi" to savings :D
Now it's extended to 5PM due to popular demand! (Ignore the not-updated website.)


Honestly speaking, I don't like colesaw. It sounds like salad, but actually it relates to me to mayonnaise sauce. If you know me, I don't like mayonnaise or tartar sauce. They are fattening.
But for this, it doesn't taste as though it has mayonnaise sauce.
Not bad for an appetizer. Lettuce and raisins are my favourites when it comes to salad.

2. Fried Boneless Chicken

This dish is also served in the student meal, except that that is served with chips.
Just like a chicken cutlet, though I thought the chicken is a little dry and hard. The mashed potato is not those soft type and has milky taste.

3. Grilled Chicken with Peri-Peri Sauce

Peri-Peri sauce is a spicy one, but not exactly very spicy. A nice combination with the chicken.
This is everyone's favourite. MUST x5 try!
Just that everyone thought that more sauce can be provided.
And we heard that we can actually request for more sauce at no additional charge! YAY.
I'm so going to order this when I visit Fish & Co next.

Lemon Butter sauce & Chilli sauce

I didn't know lemon butter sauce can be requested. Now you can pour more of this onto your Fish & Chips!

Chocolate Ice Cream

A small scoop of it.

Fish & Co has also gone halal, so alcohol-related drinks has been removed. Yes, it has been Halal-certified.
All the alcohol has been replaced by mocktails!
Woohoo, so you can all invite your Muslim friends to have meal at Fish & Co!


Strawberry Daiquiri

Strawberry and lime juice.
This is one of the bestsellers. A MUST try!

You are supposed to lick the sugar around the glass, then stir the drink so that the lime juice is dissolved and drink from the straw. Tada.

Orange Rainbow

This is definitely lighter as compared to Strawberry Daiquiri.

Pink Lady

Cranberry juice and milk and grenadine.
Milky and thick.

Frozen Margarita

Ice blended lime juice.

A group photo of the bloggers before I end.

OK, I look weird. Felt like censoring my face, oh well.

Students, please use your privilege! No kidding when you feel that you don't want to graduate since you have been studying for more than 10 years and suddenly you need to make a transition to a young working adult. So my point is:

Use your student privilege while you can! Visit the nearest outlet and have a Dive into Student Fare meal after school!

Otherwise, you can make use of the lunch hours for Happy Lunching!

All at Fish & Co.