Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Prepare to Party This Year-end with Citrusox!

I'm sure everyone heard of Citrusox. Even I myself is a fan of Citrusox.

I like their hidden socks and I wear them everyday when I head out.
I now dislike it when I don't wear any socks inside my shoes :D Otherwise, my feet will smell, I think.
In case you don't know what is hidden socks, they are socks that made of very thin material (don't tear easily), which you wear them in your shoes (flats, pumps, etc) and cannot be seen outside :)

You might think that socks are worn on feet, so it is not a big deal not to match with what you wear, since it's on the feet. But you are wrong. Times are changing, and if you notice, socks are becoming accessories to what people wear daily. There are even different patterns and colours to a pair of simple socks.

Citrusox brings you crew socks.

Hoho, I like the colour combination. That's why I picked this.
I was actually looking for a rainbow one, but this will do.

Look at how I match it.

Wear as casual as possible and stand out with a "loud" pair of socks.
I don't mind wearing like this to school :D

Close up:

(Sorry for the blur images.)

If you are heading out to somewhere fun, you might want to try this.

I always wanted to try wearing heels with socks after seeing models in local blogshops doing that. I shall head out in heels with socks one day :)

Close up:

Even though the stripes are pretty, it makes my fat feet even bigger. (ok, you can ignore me.)

Besides having socks, Citrusox has leggings that are essential to your closet/wardrobe as well :)

The reason why I choose black leggings is because black is versatile :) and easier to match with any clothings.

This material is definitely very thick enough to become your pants, unlike your other pair of leggings.
It feels as though there is sponge inside keeping your legs warm.
It is really thick such that it is suitable for cold weather.

Afraid that the dress is too mini and is just nice to cover your butt, yet you want to be more conservative, try it with leggings.

I like the leggings tucked into the boots :)

Feels very neat.

Not only that, I like to wear shorts with leggings as well. It always give me that school girl feeling, perhaps the inspiration from the Japanese.

I'm sure in Citrusox, you will be spoilt for choice as they offer a variety and assortment of socks for you. Not just for the ladies, I believe the mens and the kids should have socks as their accessories to what they wear. These accessories are actually legwear essentials for your precious legs.

Why not head down to the nearest Citrusox store and check out your favourite pair of socks? There is bound to be one for everyone.

For more information, visit Citrusox website:

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