Monday, January 9, 2012

On Hiatus

I know I haven't been blogging diligently for the past one week. School has just started for term 2 of the semester and things are getting more hectic as time passes.

I had 2 class/company events (for a school project) over the weekends and quite a few of us actually dedicated our entire days, that is from 10 to 10, for it. Proud to say, I was one of that and I am quite happy that I managed to sell the products which target market are not of our age.

Because the past few days was a non-stop school week, I think I was falling sick since yesterday. I totally felt like crying when I'm not feeling well and that *ahem* came. It is a double attack! My friends even told me that I looked really tired this morning and the first person whom tutor called was me -.- My face said it all. I cannot afford to be sick at this point of time. But I'm feeling a lot better after an afternoon nap.

2 more class/company events upcoming this weekend. I believe we have all made many sacrifices for the events and come this far. In a week's time, there will be 2 project submissions and a quiz and a test. That's how a Year 3 life can be.

Since it's the last lap, let's all hang in there and do our very best as we'll be graduating in less than 6 months time. For the next 7-10 days, I won't be blogging as I really want to concentrate on my studies, but I had already prepared a post with things to share. Stay tune alright? :)

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