Monday, January 2, 2012

Life Does Not Rewind

Happy New Year to everyone!
A new year, a new beginning. Only by leaving the bad memories in the past and learning from them, you will then move on to the future :)
Hope you had fun during the festive season, but hope you did not do the wrong things because...

Yes, once you have made a wrong decision/choice, even the slightest one, you will regret it in your entire life.

Just like drug abuse, everything can be ruined. Therefore, to raise awareness for preventive measures on drugs, the National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) and Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) are organising an Anti-drug Online Gaming Challenge on the ‘Life Does Not Rewind’ Facebook fanpage from 05 December 2011 to 26 February 2012.


We were given a folder each, with anti-drug brochures and details :)

Three online games will be launched on the Facebook fanpage consecutively every month from December 2011. Each game will have a challenge period of four weeks, where players can submit their scores in a bid to win the weekly prizes worth $150 and an iPad 2.

GameChallenge PeriodPrizes
Jump Jump Rescue05 Dec 2011 –
01 Jan 2012
♥ iPad 2 32GB (1 winner)
♥ Resorts WorldTM Sentosa vouchers worth $150 (16 winners)
*Vouchers can be used to purchase Universal Studio Singapore entry passes!
The Right Choice02 Jan 2012 –
29 Jan 2012
♥ iPad 2 32GB (1 winner)
♥ 1 pair of iFly tickets (16 winners)
Escape from Drugs Land30 Jan 2012 –
26 Feb 2012
♥ iPad 2 32GB (1 winner)
♥ 1 pair of Sentosa adventure park combo package (16 winners)

All three games will remain on the ‘Life Does Not Rewind’ Facebook page for one year even after the challenge period.

The games were created by three teams of students from Singapore Polytechnic (The Right Choice), ITE College Central (Escape from Drugs Land) and ITE College West (Jump Jump Rescue). The three games clinched the top spots at the Flash Games Competition organised by NCADA and CNB in October 2010.

Bloggers getting first-hand on the different games.

WHY 'Life Does Not Rewind'?
♥ theme that the creation of the games were based on
♥ games teach players the dangers of drug abuse by illustrating the harmful effects through the game play

For the month of January,
the game will be
The Right Choice
♥ a novel-based game
♥ the player takes on the role of Jeremy who has to help his brother Xavier who is abusing drugs

Jeremy will encounter choices along the way and be tasked to find clues or talk to people to help his brother. The choices he make will lead him to different tasks and ultimately different outcomes of the games. The player has to make good choices in the shortest time possible to score.

Allowing the player to take on the role of a drug abuser’s family member emphasizes that drug abuse not only affects the abuser, but also the people around him/her. And that everyone has a part to play in helping drug abusers quit their habit.

First page you will see upon entering the game.

The player will take on the role of Jeremy, who suspects that his brother Xavier is abusing drugs.

The player will encounter scenarios where he/she has to make choices to progress in the game. Each choice will cause the story to progress differently, ultimately leading to different outcomes. A better choice will gain the player more points, while a worse choice will gain the player less points. The points accumulated will play a part in determining the outcome of the story.

#fail My first time ok.
Since all games do not have 'undo' function, the player cannot go back to his previous choice and make the choice again. (in line with the tagline)

Let's try again, shall we?

The story climaxes when the Jeremy confronts Xavier at a nightclub and tries convincing him to stop his habits.

Heh, my score.
The game ends after Xavier admits his mistake and resolves to change. All points will be converted into a time score which the player will see at the end of the game.

Three outcomes:

Outcome 1

Jeremy receives a letter from Xavier, detailing his thoughts during rehabilitation and expressing regret for the wrong path he took.

Outcome 2

Xavier’s narration after he has quit drugs and thanks Jeremy for pulling him out of it.

Outcome 3

Xavier quit drugs and his friends go to him for help to quit their addiction too.
(This is what I got.)

The most important thing that this game teaches me:
♥ no rewinding in life = make wise choices in life

Different choices and decisions actually affects your entire life.
This might just be a game, but at least it teaches all of us the same thing - no rewinding.

Unlike drugs, these games are not highly addictive, just for leisure/fun/entertainment.
Be high on games rather than on drugs :)

Meanwhile, remember to beat your high score and who knows you might be the next winner who walks away with iPad 2 and/or iFly tickets? All the best :)

GameChallenge PeriodPrizes
The Right Choice02 Jan 2012 –
29 Jan 2012
♥ iPad 2 32GB (1 winner)
♥ 1 pair of iFly tickets (16 winners)

Be wise. Make the right choice. Don't destroy your future.
Don't give your life away to a moment of foolishness. It won't be worth it.


Say 'NO' to Drugs!

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