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Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 (Day 2 & 3)

Today, being the last day of 2011, I should complete my update on NAPBAS 2011 :D
Read about my Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 (Day 1) here!

With only 4 hours of sleep, we embraced NAPBAS day 2 with excitement (at least for me). I have this thing that whenever I'm overseas - I have that tendency to wake up early even though the wake up call can be 1/2 hour later or meeting time at the lobby can be 2 hours later. I wouldn't want to miss anything or be late :) That's a good thing, right?

Complimentary international buffet for breakfast :)

Pancake with nuts
I know it looks/sounds weird, but I love nuts :D Added them myself.

Scrambled egg

Hashbrown and chicken sausage

After breakfast, we decided to join the itinerary as planned for us :)

Discovering Malaysia Part 1

First stop: Istana Negara
I have not much idea of what this place is. We only knew that we "need" to take photos - for memory sake.

I stood by the gate and stretched my hand with camera in to take this, so it looks as though I'm walking the pathway. But don't you feel weird, like there's no one in front of me? Heh.

Second stop: Tugu Negara - Malaysian National Monument

Saw this inside and I thought the paintings were cool.

Group photo with bloggers.

Apparently after Issac helped us to take using 5 cameras, it was his turn and more than 8 cameras are taking him at the same time. Like a celebrity/star.

Ok, they decided to imitate.

Malaysia flower: Hibiscus
Random shot. Thought it was pretty since it stood out.

Some of us bought ice cream from the provision shop due to horrible weather. Had this used-to-be-S$0.60 cup ice cream. Ahh memories.

After this, we were supposed to get down and visit some flower garden and somewhere, but I think they changed the plans after knowing the Singapore bloggers were not interested and got bored?

So, the bus just passed by the two places with the guide introducing and stopped at KLCC instead! YAY.

Lunch time!

We were told to meet at 2 p.m to continue our tour after our lunch, otherwise we could tour the area by ourself - and we decided to do that, so we followed the Nuffies. I doubt anyone continued with Part 2.

Before touring, Jaslyn, Rachel and I lunched together :)

My seat's view

Recipes. Table Topic. Suggestion.

From Rachel's FB.
Rachel answered "No lie." to this question.

From Rachel's FB.
Hoho. Cheese!

Nice of Ben's to provide recipes.

Only took those I'm interested in. See I'm nice - I share with you :)

Jaslyn's Wild Mushroom Spaghettini

Rachel's Pad Thai Seafood Linguine

My Mushroom Lasagne
which Jaslyn fell in love with, but I thought it was rather thick and I couldn't finish it.

Twin tower
Heard from the tour guide that people queue up as early as 3 a.m to get tickets.

We set foot to Sungai Wang Plaza and it was a long journey, but a good exercise though. The mall practically reminds me of Bugis Street, but you just got to be careful and take care of your things.

Toured around the mall just to find bubble tea, but #fail. We settled for some random food shop for a Milk Tea drink.

Even in KL, she still wants to get milk tea, which tasted like Iced Coffee.
In the end, we find the bubble tea shops when we were about to leave the mall -.- No fate.

Look what these two girls are doing while waiting for other Nuffies. Jaslyn's like introducing food while Rachel's sitting on air.
Look at the bags on the floor. Instead of shopping for "clothes", we shopped for food. Haha.

We made our way to Pavilion for our dinner!

See, this outdoor advertising thingy attracts my attention and it looks cool.

Very crowded, perhaps it's on Saturday, no? But it reminds me of Orchard Road.

From Rachel's FB.

This is what happens when we were all waiting for the dinner vouchers, which are actually Food Republic ones, but better than nothing right?

From Rachel's FB.
We sat on the floor of this atas mall - which I felt weird actually.

No choice, vouchers took too long and the Nuffies told us to go have our dinner instead, before heading back to Hotel for change of outfit for the party that night. So we went to Tokyo street on the highest level and grabbed something. BUT in the end, plans changed and we did not have to return to the hotel, but straight to the party. And we went to Food Republic without the vouchers -.-

Came out of the mall and saw this. See the shadow on that thing. Cool right?

Even crowded at night.

After gathering, we were off to G-Tower, in our shopping outfit - blouse and shorts for me. And we had to carry all our barang-barang with us. Like extra only. Haha.


29th floor

And again, there was age limit of 21 years old. We were initially told to show our ID/passport, but after further clarification that it was a private party, we managed to get in :)

Free drinks ;) But I only had coke :P

Like a pub/club.

#fail self shot

Pretty babe companion

From Rachel's FB.
Look at the amount of beers ordered. Ok, we handed all the tickets for the drinks we had and yup.

From Jaslyn's FB.
Group photo

The coach came to pick up at 11 p.m and I think everyone was pretty tired. Hello, we only had 4 hours of sleep. I'm not the night type of person. I would go to bed as early as 10 p.m if I could :P


We rushed back to our room immediately because Rachel's eyes couldn't take it. After the nice bath, we watched Confessions of a Shopaholic as broadcast in I-don't-know-which channel. My first time watching that :P And we were like playing - doing some actions from a variety show after that movie. Super funny.

After that, we went to the lobby to make use of the wi-fi, to update status and check emails. LOL bloggers. Rest for the night after 15-20 minutes of usage :)

What I bought that day:

Gifts :) Cute right?

The next day...

We had breakfast in the same place. And aww I was looking forward to the hashbrown, but there wasn't any that day :( Sad. Anyway, I took a hard-boiled egg for that poor girl who kept knocking her head to the window while sleeping.

Ok, we experienced difficulty in opening our door after breakfast - went back to our room to pack our stuff before checking out at 12 p.m.. The card had problem and we had to contact the hotel personnel for help to have our door opened - because only Rachel had her card while mine's lying inside -.-

Ok, look at the shoes. I'm seriously and truly amazed by the number of shoes we brought to KL.
Heels (award ceremony), Flats (Zouk party), Covered shoes (the whole time) and Slippers (other times like going for breakfast).
I only brought 2 pairs when I went to Shanghai/Suzhou trip in June 2011. OMT, girls.

After packing, we laid at the bed and went crazy. LOL, psst we did jump shot on the bed. But there were o.. ok.

From Rachel's FB.
Christmas tree
I took this as well, but Rachel's is much better looking than mine.

See? This is what I took.#fail But it looks snowy. Couldn't take a good shot without the whitish.

From Rachel's FB.
Nice stairs and it felt like a princess entrance.

Group photo with the bloggers

Rachel :)

From Thiang's FB.
Final group photo.
Practically everyone wants this photo and placed their camera at the table, but only few got it, since there were too many. Hmm bloggers.

So nice of the hotel to allow us to keep the cards - for memories.

We stopped half way at some place (IDK what's the name) for a lunch break after the bus set off at 1 p.m after checking out. Had Ramly Burger and Lemon Lime :) and everyone shopped at this shop for food (again).

Don't judge me ok. I know I was/am supposed to be on diet, but my parents would appreciate if I get some food for them :)

I wonder why the journey back is always and forever shorter than the journey to the destination. Hmm.. perhaps people are more bonded and fun things will end earlier. Hmm...

Overall, the trip was awesome! I really enjoyed myself and we all had time to catch up with one another. Most of all, we saw familiar faces and met new friends :D I can't wait for the next NAPBAS, coming in 2013!

Thank you Nuffnang for providing me with opportunities to learn and experience! :D Once again, kudos to the Nuffnang team who made it all happen during the 3-day trip!

Anyway, since today is Happy New Year Eve (at least for now)
Wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!
May all your wishes come true and all the best in your future endeavors! :D

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