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Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 (Day 1)

Finally blogging about NAPBAS! While blogging, I could still feel the hype we had in KL - but not as high as then.

I was pretty excited when this day is arriving. My first time travelling/going out of SG for an Nuffnang event!

Held once every two years, Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards (NAPBAS) 2011 was held on 16 December 2011, in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, where bloggers from all over Asia-Pacific come together for the biggest blog event of the year.

SG bloggers met up with the Nuffies at the Nuffnang office as early as 8.30a.m. I had a bad experience with SMRT in the morning - the assistant manager (as seen on the name tag) at Farrer Park station scolded the person "Stupid" as heard by yours truly, of course, after he left. He also said that he don't know where the toilet is when we asked - how did you manage to get this job? Seriously? -Enough said, continue-

The two coaches left the office area at 9am and off we went to KL :) The 6-hour journey got everyone sleeping in this bus, including me, especially when I had only 4 hours of sleep due to the last minute packing :( and I also forgot to bring something. Say NO to last minute packing.

We had breaks in between and I got a cup of corns (I usually don't eat, but it's vege - forcing myself to swallow it), peanut crispy waffle (yum) and fruits (I need them everyday). The funny thing about the waffle was Rachel and I took each other's unknowingly until we decided to eat them. Previously we bought Mr Bean's pancake at BB - Rachel ordered Cheese and Chocolate and I ordered Cheese and Peanut, but Rachel received Cheese and Egg Mayo and I received Cheese and Tuna. I was laughing at how it was destined that we could only eat Chocolate/Peanut respectively for the waffle, but not the pancake, like it played a fool out of us, knowing that we were going to have that later that day.

Our bus (the second bus) followed the first bus blindly, drove past the hotel and missed the hotel entrance, without even knowing that is the hotel. Ended up having to make a big U-turn, unlike Singapore's road, the U-turn is really far and big.

The grand exterior. WOW.

Everyone gathered at the lobby while waiting for the room. That was a long wait. Meanwhile we were all trying to get wifi and update our location/twitter. Haha bloggers need to update their social media. Hoho.

Rachel and I were paired up for the same room. Lucky us - but others also changed their room mate anyway. We got a room near to the lift - practically just outside the lift, but I kept turning to the wrong side -.-

Feels so cozy with the lighting.
Actually I have already messed up my room - see to the right, my things all over the table.

The minibar.
Rachel and I were actually tempted to eat the chips, but we resisted due to the not-worth-it price.

We also had this mini balcony. Cool right, not every room had this.

Actually by the time we got our room, it was already 5 plus. Actually we all panicked because we were afraid that we did not have enough time to prepare, that is putting make up for the girls. Luckily the registration time was postponed. I wanted to get a quick bath so much because I want to feel clean and comfortable for the event that night.

My heels for that night. I love the ribbon and the brand.

After bath, we had our makeup (except false lashes) on and headed to Christina's room for makeup help - false lashes for Rachel and I.

This is probably the first time I had false lashes on. A tad uncomfortable at first, but got used it after a while. Not bad for a noob I guess.

Initially before KL trip, I wanted to get my hair tied with scorpion plaits with curls at the end - at least my hair won't look that bad compared to letting it down. But no one knows - in the end, Evangeline helped to curl my ends and tada.

Let a few strands of hair from the side down.

With Rachel.

When we were all ready (and late), we headed to the Grand Ballroom. As a blogger, all of us had a camera on hand to take anything and perhaps everything.

With Rachel and Thiang.

Headed to the ladies, and WOW, even the "toilet" is so beautiful and classy.

As usual, had to take picture.

Camera's on. All taking photo together.
Evangeline, Rachel, Jaslyn, me, Valentine.

With the Nuffies: Lydia and Melissa.
Too bad we didn't take with other Nuffies.

Can you see the reflection? Camera. We were all excited!

Cakes for us to nibble before the event commerces. Delicious cakes, courtesy of Humble Beginnings (available in SG as well).

The emcees began to announce and the staff asked for the bloggers to enter the Ballroom for the ceremony to begin. No red carpet moment for me :( Rachel took it but it was blur :( Many people coming in, so not able to have self-shot.

The big and beautiful Ballroom.

The stage as well.

The dinner of the night. Fine dining.

Table 35. Valentine swapped table with Rachel so that she could be with Christina while Rachel's with me :)

When the countdown began, everyone got their camera up for that moment ...

... and it was the pole dance.

The two emcees.

Getting us all excited and hyped up.

The co-founders of Nuffnang. Giving opening speech.

And so the dinner began after...

Meditteranean Seafood Terrine with Wasabi Tobiko Dressing on Crispy Lettuce

Puree of Split Pea soup with Herb Twist

The emcee announced something and got everyone to take their phone out to tweet something to get...

Tiger Crystal. I also tried my luck even though the signal was pretty low for my phone.

Orange Cordial and Tiger Crystal

And I got it too (forgot to include my table number in my tweet). Shared mine with Rachel - actually I only took a sip as I thought it was heavy to my liking.

This comedian is freaking funny.

Grape Sorbet with Fresh Mint

For the main dish, we could choose between the fish or the chicken, but I picked...

Pistachio Crumbed Baked Chicken Supreme with Thyme Gravy
served with lasagna potatoes & garden green vegetables

It was breast meat, not chewy in my opinion, especially I have braces.

Rachel's Pan-fried Dory Fillet with Spicy Peach Sauce
served with lasagna potatoes & garden green vegetables


Since she's a veg. Not sure what it was but it looked like scallop.

Tiramisu in Chocolate Cup

Sinful but awesome. Love strawberries.

Homemade Cookies

Too full to grab any.

Something actually happened during the dinner. At first I was rather mad, but I saw no point after that. I shan't blog about it.

Throughout the dinner, we were entertained and various blog award winners were announced. Everyone was so hyped up when each winner was announced. Congratulations to all! In my opinion, if you were nominated, you have already achieved something, at least your hard work is being appreciated and sort-of-paid-off with this recognition, even if you did not win. But every finalist is a winner right?

Congratulations to Xiaxue, she won two awards - Best Influential Blog and Region's Best Blog Award. Never thought that one would tear up while receiving the award, but she did when making her speech.

All the NAPBAS winners up.

Phototaking time...

With Samantha.

With Pei Shi.

With Silver.

Sad that my camera died on me halfway taking photos :( Have to ask Rachel for help.

From Rachel's FB.
With Christina.

From Rachel's FB.
With Clarence and Hong Peng.

From Rachel's FB.
The girls.

From Rachel's FB.
Table 35 peeps.

The handbook we got during registration earlier on.

Exclusive passes to Zouk. (Rachel's)

The whole award ceremony ended at about 11pm and we headed back to our room to change to another outfit for Zouk! And charge my camera's battery for the night.

My first time in Zouk - obviously, I'm not 21 yet.

Look at the number of people.

Ok, I look weird though.

Min 21 years old for females and 23 years old for males.
We had to sneak in since we are not 21 yet and we managed to :) Luckily they didn't check our IDs.

Vodka coke
My all-time favourite.

Even though there is free Heinekein drink (with the pass), I don't like to have heavy alcohol content drinks.

From Rachel's FB.
Outside the club. Rachel's face is red and Valentine's is white.

With the babe.

We couldn't stand the smoke everywhere, even inside the club. Really appreciate Singapore's government for wanting a smoke-free environment.

The bus came to fetch us at 2.45 a.m when it was supposed to be 2.30 a.m SHARP (as said by the guide). I think we were all pretty much dead when we reached the hotel at 3+ a.m. After bathing and everything, we got to bed only at 4 a.m. There was tour itinerary planned for the next day and we had to be at the lobby by 10a.m after breakfast.

Tired and excited at the same time, I feel honoured to be one of the 500 bloggers attending NAPBAS :D

I will blog about Day 2 and 3 in the next entry!

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