Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Things females do for BEAUTY

It's amazing how a girl/woman can tolerate/take it, all for the sake of beauty/looking good. I know how it feels like, like I have to tolerate all the pain caused during each session. I mean to every girl/woman, outer beauty is important - talk about both self and body confidence.

Cleansing + Makeup routine
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Makeup remover/Cleansing milk . Cleanser . Toner . Serum/Essence . Day/Night moisturiser . Sun screen . Foundation . Make up (& the circle continues)
Even the simplest skincare routine differs so much from men's. I bet the guys either splash water on their face or just use the cleanser. Think about it, did you ever see a brand/range of products (including at least 3 of the above) targeting at the males? No right? Ok, at least we don't see it in the common stores. Such ranges are mostly targeted at the females. That's why we are easily sold by the salesperson.

Facial/Face treatment
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Removing of black and white heads is like hell - super pain. I seriously don't know how people can fall asleep during the extraction. Ok, may be they are used to it. Different people have different tolerance level.

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Removing of facial hair also hurts. If you go every month, that should be alright - won't be as pain as going once every 3-6 months.
I did a skin analysis before and found that my pores are big though not very visible. Whenever I do threading, the after-effect is that I get lots of pimples and my face feels rough :( It takes about 2 weeks to recover - which is considered a long time. The sad thing is that I have been using pore-minimizing essence, but I guess it failed.

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I haven't done this yet. I don't wear sleeveless, but I do shave.

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I'm sure every girl/woman goes for this before. Seriously, I suck at doing this on my own.

Weight control/Keeping fit
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I wonder how people can go jogging every day. I know there is motivation, but won't you feel tired? How do you go jogging in the middle of the night? Like it's dark and you're a girl, it's so not safe. I do visit the school gym once in a while, though I'd love to do it thrice a week, but I don't have the time now :(
And even afte exercising, the diet is very important, especially if you don't want to burst your calories intake. Totally cannot really enjoy food. That's why some people say that a women's career is to lose weight. I think even if we reach our current ideal weight, we will still find a new ideal weight to reach.

These are just some of the things we can do/sacrifice for beauty. I believe there are much more. Just look at Browhaus or Strip: Ministry of Waxing website, and you can find the many different services provided for the face/body.

Just like what everyone says "爱美是要付出代价的!", meaning you have to pay a price for beauty.


  1. Beauty and skincare is really hard to maintain. Nice article.

    Anyways, try to join the contest of Lo'real.

    1. Thanks for reading too! Yup, it takes a lot of effort to get good skincare and to look good.

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