Friday, February 3, 2012

A little update

Ignore my stressed face and my messy hair.
Thanks to my classmates who voted for me for the class's Most Hardworking Award :D

I appreciate the opportunity given/provided to me to work extreme hard. Actually the reason why I work hard is because it is a 8-credit module. I am doing it because I want my (good) grade. I do not want to screw it up, given that it is the last semester too. It is freaking risky when you do not do your work and the whole class is actually appraising each other. I believe this is just an addition to what I have contributed, not that I should stop working hard after receiving this. There is already a level of motivation within me, but this award definitely encourages me for my future work.
Oh and I got nominated for all other awards - Contributive, Influential and Harmonious. But I only came up top for Hardworking since all the awards are exclusive.
Nonetheless, thanks for seeing the effort I put into this project :)

As you can see, my braces have been removed! It had been there for almost my entire poly life, really, since March 2009. Perhaps I would blog about my braces journey. I am thinking of going to have my teeth bleached! I can't wait, even though I think it will be horrible. Hehe.

Currently playing a diet game with my groupmates. If you had followed my twitter, you should know. We are playing big - with money, so I must not lose in this game. In order not to lose, we have to lose at least 5kg by end of March :) By then, I will reach my best ideal weight :) Shh. If I succeed, I might blog about it :)

To be exact, there are only 3 more weeks left (including exams) in this semester :( We are soon graduating. Wait for me as I neglect this blog for a little while ok? Thank you!

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