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Grand Cruise Bloggers' Night Out

/Edited with information about Sponsors.

Credit to Hong Peng.
Together with Nuffnang, a group of bloggers and I were invited by MoxDeals SG onto the yacht on a Saturday night for 4 hours.

Ok, when you hear of MoxDeals, you may think of those group-buying sites. (I shall not mention.) But it is different in a way that MoxDeals would like to offer some reviews so that it adds as another consideration for the person who intends to buy this deal.

Ok I don't want to bore you with the information first. Heavy picture content.

At Sentosa One Degree 15 Marina Club (Sentosa Cove).
These are the few decent shots. By decent, I mean no hair flying...

Credit to Rachel.

The only one I have with Justine.

Look at all the "boats".
Oh and there was a wedding going on. I took this before the wedding started.

& we are entering... Woohoo.

My first time on a yacht. Excited! ^^

Credit to Hong Peng.

Credit to Samantha.
Everyone wants the group photo in their camera.

The moment we went up, we saw tons of snacks on the table.

This is Leanna, Marketing Communications Manager, explaining to us about MoxDeals and so forth.

Credit to MoxDeals.
Felicia, Rachel, me and Justine.

MoxDeals poster.

Random shot.
It feels like it had been a day filled of hard work... LOL.

Nice sunset.

Blow hair blow.

I like this one but then that sun light. (Should I put this as profile pic? :P)

I have no idea why the lighting change.

This Hong Peng is trying to act as the captain.

Credit to Rachel.
My outfit without my shoe.
We had to remove our shoes for safety purposes. LOL yet Justine, Rachel and I were discussing what shoe to wear days before the events -.- Ok I think I'm sua gu - went to talk about taking off the shoe if we enter the cabin.

Credit to Rachel.
With Felicia. She was walking past, so she joined in :)

Credit to Rachel.

Credit to MoxDeals.
Emily. Rachel. Me. Samantha. Felicia. Joyce.

Credit to MoxDeals.
We all wanted to take an individual shot :)

Credit to Samantha.
The cabin.
To the left, a mini kitchen with microwave. To the right, a tv with karaoke. To the center right, there is a stairs to a room...

That mini room.

With Samantha.

Acting as a captain too?

With Stephen.
It's been long since I last saw him.

Everything was in complete darkness, but Emily still posed for mine when I wanted to take a random shot.

Look at Hong Peng...

Credit to MoxDeals.
Group photo with the shots!

Rachel's I-don't-know-what-it-is. My Orange Vodka.
Everyone was given one to try. Ok, I'm not a fan of alcohol. My throat was burning at the first sip. But this is called shot - so you're supposed to drink it all down in ONE shot. & not to mention, each of these contains 20% alcohol volume. *faint* I haven't trained myself to drink even the normal one yet, how to gulp this down?

This is how it is like. Everyone was given one of this too, either the cream one or orange vodka. Apparently, the "alcoholics" took the cream one already. (No offence) They didn't want to give us the whole thing until we left because they were afraid that people might get drunk and ... fell down? cannot carry everyone home? Haha, drink responsibly ok? :)

6 shots in one package.

Samantha. Emily. Felicia. Joyce.

Top of the yacht. (when it's empty)

The stairs. Actually I'm quite scared when I'm going down.

Everyone's waiting for The Song of the Sea (I think).



I missed it :(

The last 2. I'm so happy when I snapped this.

Wind kept blowing. Messy hair.

The awkward position the photographer had to make in order to take photos when the yacht is unstable in the sea and wet.

Credit to Rachel.
Decided to go down to chill after the fireworks.

This is Xiao Lin.

Credit to MoxDeals.
Last but not least, I'm posing as a captain!

Everyone should go for a cruise at least once. It's like you put down everything you have and just enjoy yourself when you are out in the sea.

The fun doesn't stop/end here! ^^

Now the heavy information content, but don't skip/miss them, otherwise you will regret for life, ok, not too serious, but it will be your heavy loss.

MoxDeals Singapore is the new e-Commerce division of Aglow Alicom Pte. Ltd., a member of the Mox Telecom Group Germany.

Like I mention, it works a bit different from the usual group-buying sites.

Here are the Sponsors and the upcoming MoxDeals Special deals:

Grand Cruise

Relax and enjoy a Grand Cruise on a NEW, LUXURY, FRENCH-BUILT 46 ft POWER CATAMARAN from France.

You will board at Sentosa One Degree 15 Marina Club (Sentosa Cove). Enjoy cruising around the southern islands like St John, Lazarus, Kusu and Sister Islands. For our evening cruise charter, then you can also enjoy the night view of Financial District. This includes the Singapore Flyer and Fireworks at Palawan Beach at 8.45 pm (subject to availability).

The yacht can take up to 25 people, so minus the captain and the "caretaker", that is left with 23 people. It's still pretty affordable since it will be a great deal :)

Shots Asia

Good things can come in small packages! A great time can be had whether you're in a huge party group, on a romantic date or at a cosy gathering amongst close friends. Now you can try our ready-to-drink-anywhere-anyhow-for any reason-anytime SHOTS no matter how many people are in your party! Having drinks and fun was never so tasty or easy! Get pre-packaged cocktail Shots for everyone to enjoy with friends/family, at all locations and occasions! The innovative twisted shot glass allows for two separate flavors in one shot. It is simple and easy to use when you want that quick shot to enjoy with friends at parties or at the bar.

Pre-packaged cocktail shots - the one that was given to us!
Cautious: 20% alcohol volume!

Tooth Angels & Co Dental Surgeons Pte Ltd

Tooth Angels & Co. Dental Surgeons brings together the latest in dental technological advancement and techniques in the last decade coupled with a vast experience of over 15 years of clinical practice. Our dental surgeons are trained in all areas of expertise having received training both locally and in United States, Australia and United Kingdom.

I always wanted to have my teeth whiten!


The IMPACT Group provides one-stop services to our clients and we specialised in conferences, seminars, trainings, corporate or private events, as well as festive and party entertainment services that cater to both pre and post event functions. IMPACT has been a reputable service provider to almost 80% of the hotels in Singapore over the past 16 years since its establishment.

Portable KTV system? Sounds cool.

School of Paintball

Established in 2010 by a team of young and passionate entrepreneurs, School of Paintball embarked on its journey to make a mark in the Paintball Industry. With the objective to become one of the industry’s big players, School of Paintball aims to achieve their aim through the traditional way – empathizing customer’s needs thus improving overall services.

This looks fun!

Prae Impact Studios

Sparked by a passion for film and video, our aim is to provide quality media services to cater to your needs for publication, archiving, or even as a personal memento.
We are a studio with solutions to different projects as we house a team of people with different specializations from advertising, corporate & promotional, wedding and graphics & illustration.
We also provide photography services for events such as wedding and birthdays, studio shoots, and on set photography for productions.


Dynamic Fitness

Dynamic Fitness is a company that specializes in personal training. Founded by Santosh Burud, a trainer for the past 5 years, your safety is our priority as we guide you towards becoming fitter and healthier. The type of training includes body toning, correcting muscular imbalances, muscle building and losing weight.

I want to try kickboxing! Good way to sweat it all out!

Remember to look out for all these deals!


Once again, special thanks to Nuffnang, Moxdeals and all the sponsors! :D

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