Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hunger Games

I woke up early in the morning on 21 March to go to Bugis to meet people to head to Simei ITE.

Ok, I admit I regretted agreeing her to be her hair model when I woke up at 5.45am. Siao right, for someone who seldom wakes up so early during the holidays. But I also have to admit I was glad to help her out. I had a nice haircut though :) My first time as a hair model.

I had this haircut called Natural Inversion which is the combination of One Length and Forward Graduation, basically in simple terms, Layered hair.

Mel, senior hair stylist from Toni & Guy.

Oh did I mention the hair studio/salon classroom was fabulous? It is really like a real salon.

After the haircut, I headed back home from the east all the way to the west to rest before the evening date with my partner, Rachel.

This is taken at home. My eyes were weird for the one taken in salon. Yes, I only took one.

My date with Rachel in the evening started with dinner and camwhore session.
Rachel recently had a new camera Canon G1X and we took many crazy ones.

One of the normal ones.

Those are the few of my favourite ones.

Even though we were not shortlisted for the competition, we were still invited for The Hunger Games Gala Premiere as we were one of the top 85! *Hurray* I didn't think that there were so many invdividuals/teams who registered for the competition.

I had been waiting for the movie since last year, ever since the trailer was broadcast in the movie theatre.

As much as I don't want to be a spoiler, I want to voice my thoughts.

I just don't get the fightings. Ok, for tribute, but I believe there are other ways to pay your tributes. But by sacrificing people's lives? This is really cruel, killing one another. Another thing, poverty. Really the cruel side of life. The poor works for hard to survive while the rich enjoy all the food and stuff.

Somehow the movie taught us all valuable stuff. Survival. In life, we fight for things, just for one place.

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