Thursday, March 22, 2012

Make It Right For A Better Ride

Make It Right For A Better Ride is actually a campaign to promote graciousness on public transport.

It reminds me of...

..the kindness lion.
A little kind act.

From the programme, various commuters created their poems, which are showcased as posters on We Keep Your World Moving Facebook page.

This is one of my favourite poster:
Simple English yet speaks a lot. Read doesn't make you a better person or provide you with more knowledge if you are pretending. I understand that it is natural to fall asleep anywhere (?) but pretending to do so isn't good. It teaches me that a simple act can go a long way. It doesn't kill one to notice and give up seat to those who needed it more - do a good deed.

Another favourite one:
This makes sense too. I also dislike it when there are so much noises, especially when I am listening to music. It's just another public place, why can't some people keep their volume down and be considerate to others? I believe Singaporeans prefer silence during their travel to work/school/home/etc, especially in the early morning, when most of us are still "dead".

I believe I am one of the kindest commuters. Hehe *I know I am thick-skinned*
I queued up for my turn and sometimes people do cut my queue just to board the bus/train. Well, I just let them, instead of push them aside. I have no idea why people really like to cut my queue. Anywhere and everywhere I go. Most of the times it is really pissing me off, but I just let it go or rant on Twitter.

Sometimes I am wondering where have all the graciousness of Singaporeans gone to? If everyone were to do a little part, those little actions will definitely make everyone's life easier and simpler. (And there won't be much unhappiness caused.)

1. Always travel on the left

Credit link.
The "left" rule happens everywhere. Stay on your left if you do not want to move when you are on the escalator. I am really irritated when the right side is always blocked, especially when I want to move fast. Even when you are driving, if you do not want to overtake, stay left. You might never know that there are people who are rushing. I am not rushing, but I have the tendency to walk fast and do not like to wait when I am alone.

2. Allow people to alight before boarding

Credit link.
Like the above image, it is obvious that the sign is right in front of them, yet they did not wait by the side lines. Ok perhaps the train hasn't arrived, but a line could have been formed if there is such an act.
I think manners. Standing by the sides to allow people to move out so that you have space to move in and get on/up. I don't get it why people want to stand in the middle and block the way. Even so, I said "Excuse me" just to get out.

3. Give up seat to those who needs it more

I feel that the priority seat sign is very big and obvious, such that I do not even want to sit at it, even when the train is empty. That is my principle and I live with it. I know it is stupid, but I just don't like the feeling I have if I ever sit at that seat. Even if it is not priority seat, I think one should look around whenever the train stops at stations to see if there are anyone who needs the seat more than you do.
(Psst, I actually blogged about my views on this before. You can read it here.)

Nevertheless, I believe deep down many of the commuters, like me *ahem*, are good ones. I believe everyone should enjoy their travel journey. Why make it difficult for those around you, when it could have been easy and pleasant?

Why not start the journey by bringing smiles to everyone? A little difference will definitely go a long way.

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  1. agree! always safety 1st! :)

  2. Hopefully it will be better when I'm back this July compare when I leave SG mid Jan

    1. Yea hopefully it will be better, but there won't be any big difference though.