Saturday, March 10, 2012

#Nuffnangis5 Birthday Bash

Time passes so fast and Nuffnang turned 5 on 27 February!
Ok, it's been more than a week - I'm just blogging it about now. But it's never too late right? :) I'm sincere in wishing Nuffnang for the 5th birthday :D

A mixture of the photos I took and the ones from NuffnangSG Flickr.
(Comparing both, I know my photo's quality is...)

So, the #Nuffnangis5 Birthday Bash was held at Swissotel The Stamford! My first time there.

With Rachel (my partner of the day and evening) and Joanna (met her at the lift).
I don't know why this one looks weird.

With Valentine too.
Couldn't get enough, so we went again after we put our bags down.

Seated at Table 4 :D

The view. More than 60 levels above ground.



Ok, we were asked to have little snacks but we took a little of each and our place ended up...
LOL the funny thing is the moment we settled down with the place, the event began -.-

Emcees of the evening.

Boss Ming.

We rushed through our desserts and picked these up for dinner :)

Entertainment during our dinner. Ok I forgot who they are, opps sorry.

Chua En Lai came as a Thai foreign exchange student. He's damn entertaining. He got 2 bloggers up for pole dance and Qiu Qiu won.

Local songstress, Ling Kai. She's awesome.

#Nuffnangis5 Birthday cake.

My share :P

We are all bloggers, so we need to tweet tweet.

The girls at Table 4.

Met a new friend, Huijin. She brought polaroids. So nice of her to take one for us :D

OK, phototaking during the entire event :)

Jaslyn, Joanna, Valentine, Marco.

Michelle, Huijin, Claire, Shine.

Boss Ming, Xiaxue, Nat Ho, Brad (Ladyironchef).

Nuffies: Lydia, Jayne, Gabby, Hui Wen.

& we brought home a goodie bag!

I finally got this Churpie. I haven't removed it from the wrapper though. Too precious, haha.
2nd time I received both the hair oil and makeup remover. Heh, anyone wants? :P

Ahha, thanks Hi-Beau International. This is the 3rd time I received Avalon Japanese Fish Collagen (1st was redemption from FB and 2nd was lucky won from Valerie's blog) and 2nd time I received ChocoMarvel (1st was redemption from FB). Oh did I mention I am now a loyal customer of Avalon Japanese Fish Collagen (Lemon) after winning and trying the product I won from Valerie's blog? Hehe. The power of bloggers.

Anyway, thanks Nuffnang for the great night and the opportunity to attend! I really enjoyed myself that night and I met new friends :D
May Nuffnang grow bigger and have bigger wishes and dreams! Once again, Happy 5th Birthday :D