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The Pink Room International Nail Academy

A few bloggers and I attended the nail seminar, organised by The Pink Room International Nail Academy on Monday, 9th April.

Our academy started in 2003 by our Principal Rachel Tang. We have gone through a lot of changes and improvements over the years to become the pioneer in the Nail industry. The difference between our academy and other academies is that we are the only school in Singapore that focus totally on Nails. No hair, make up or facial. As such, we are very detailed and focused on passing professional knowledge to our students. Pink Room is the only Nail academy that is registered with the Council of Private Education -

We provide professional training for those who wants to open their own nail salons. We also have hobby courses for those who are keen to learn for their own interest. Many students start off as home-based salons and freelancers. Even for yourself, you can actually learn a skill and start doing freelance at home and still blog on a regular basis. Learning nails and starting a nail business is different from doing makeup, hair or facial as the products you’ll need are smaller and more portable. You would only need a small table… no need for big and heavy “machines” and facial beds!

The school also organises overseas trips yearly to bring students to take part in nail competitions.

Look at the awards they have won.

Spotted this on top of the awards, shown in the previous image.
Minnie mouse ^^ but who would have such a huge 3D-design nail? o.o

To make learning more convenient and cost-effective, the students can purchase nail products from our PRINA Shoppe Room. Yes! That’s the little store where most of you went crazy last night!! We are able to provide professional help and product knowledge as all our staffs have gone through Pink Room’s Diploma course!

We're shopping! Quite surprised by the number of different items actually.

Camwhore :P
I pinned my fringe up for my forehead to "air" lol. Actually I'm quite irritated by my fringe already. I've decided to have my fringe cut straighter bangs the last time before keeping them :P

Brochure with information about what they offer.

This guy actually won numerous awards!

Let the demonstration begins!

Gelly Polish.

The products used.
Base coat, Gel colour, Top coat, Cleanser.

The first model - since he is the only male blogger during the event.

Hotpink nail to match his top.
We were saying why she painted the middle finger -.-

Next model, Shuqing. She has really pretty nails.

Anyway, for GEL, it is necessary to use this LED lamp to "dry" it. Normal room temperature will not work, unlike normal nail polish.

Or this too. This comes handy when you go travelling.

Same products, but additional step was added - to make the magne.
Again with the middle finger.

This is magne-gelly polish.

Angel Pro Nail

I love the PASTEL colors and PINKs.

The fastest way.

Just the color and the top coat.

This is much easier than the previous one. The color coat itself can already produce the shine without the top coat (yes, it is not compulsory to put the top coat) However, the UV thingy is still needed since it is gellish.

1Q32 Instant Gellish

The different colors.

The school is the main distributor for 1Q32 Instant Gellish and Angel Pro Nail, thus allowing the students to purchase products that they need at a lower price, as compared to the retail price outside. This also allows us to hold seminars and workshops at a lower fee, as the products are sponsored by the brands.

Acrylic extension.

Our Academy is famous for our nail extensions as we are able to do the nails sturdy and strong, yet natural looking. This special technique is created and improved by our Master Educator Joe and Principal Rachel. Thus it’s special and unique for Pink Room students!Our Academy is famous for our nail extensions as we are able to do the nails sturdy and strong, yet natural looking. This special technique is created and improved by our Master Educator Joe and Principal Rachel. Thus it’s special and unique for Pink Room students!

White powder and the liquid.

Look at the different color powders.


Joe did a demonstration (nail extension) on Huijin using the acrylic powder.

It would cost more than $300 if all 10 fingers were to be done like this.

Our trainers in Pink Room are dedicated to teaching the students. They will ensure that the steps and knowledge are passed on correctly and will go around the classroom during class time to correct every student. The school also has Examinations and Assignments to make sure that the student really understand what she is taught in class. The school uphold their high standards with their strict marking criteria for Examinations.

The class will take place with the students crowding around to see how it's been done before the tutor allows them to try for themselves. In class, the tutor would teach them to do a 90-100% perfect nail. It isn't very possible to do 100% all the time, but at least the students will have a higher expectation of themselves when they were to provide service for their (future) customers.

Bloggers group photo. (Why is mine slanted?)

If you attend the lessons, you would know if  your manicurist have ever cheated your money. Such products are affordable if you think about it, since it can be kept and used many times, thus if you were to set up a nail salon, you might be able to make it big. Of course, you must be relatively good at such stuff. Too bad, I'm not really an arts person. I like beauty, but the art I produced is ...(don't know what to insert)... 

The Pink Room International Nail Academy

Thanks for the seminar! It was indeed an eye opener for me.

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