Friday, July 20, 2012

July's VanityTrove edition: Destination Beautiful

//Opps it should be "Destination Beautiful" instead of "Beautiful Destination".

*Image is retrieved from VanityTrove Facebook page.

I subscribed to my very first VanityTrove box after reading about it from

I received it on Sunday. & yes it is delivered by hand anytime from 21st to 25th as long as you subscribed by the 14th prior to the month you subcribed for, ie you have to subsribe by 14th July to receive the August edition.

I suppose if you want to purchase it only after knowing the box's contents, you have to pay $5 extra. In my opinion, paying for the extra defeats the purpose of receiving surprises. Well, it is up to individual.

I believed quite a number of us know about the surprises-in-a-box thing. Well, at first for me, I think I am pretty much used to using my own stuff and relunctant to try new ones. I'm loyal to the brand haha.

What makes me decide to buy my first box? I want to know how it feels like to receive different surprises every month. Well, and expose myself to new brands in the market.

(I didn't post this to Instagram)
I gave one of the vouchers (SK II) to my colleague after knowing that she is testing on that. As for the other vouchers, I have no intention to use them. Anyone wants? There are Anna Sui, Clarins, Darphin, Fragrances, Laneige, Shiseido and Suki. Email me for more details should you be interested :)

I brought this little thing to work. Previously I don't apply perfume because I have been searching high and low for the right one to suit my age and style.

I'm still thinking whether to subscribe even though I passed the deadline for August edition. Well, I can always wait for the next. Hmm should I continue?


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