Friday, August 17, 2012

Beauty purchases/receives

Jia Leng I visited Japalang Warehouse sales in the East after visiting Marina Square to collect our Shape Run stuff (Race tee, race bib). Yes, this was very very long ago. At first, we had a struggle whether to head there because it was at the other end of Singapore. In the end, we decided to go ahead.

K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Liner (01 Chocolate Brown)
K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner (Super Black)
Beauty Blender (Sponge & Cleanser)

I didn't actually want to get anything (or may be Beauty Blender). Nothing much planned. I wanted to see the eyeliner and eye brow pencil, since it was highly raved. (Perhaps it already meant that I was prepared to spend a bit over there.) In the end, I spent slightly more than $70 over there.

Honestly speaking, I didn't like the eyeliner much. Given that my eye lids will turn oily as the day passes, the eyeliner tend to smudge. Hmm, but I like the eye brow pencil. It has become one of my favourites and it is becoming a habit of mine to draw my eye brow too (but I will still forget at times).

As for Beauty Blender, I think it is quite normal. Hmm perhaps up to individuals. But I like the cleaner though. You just have to pump a little to get your make up brushes and stuff cleaned :)


Not longer ago, I went down to SPH mag office at Outram Road during lunch time to collect the SUNSILK hamper I won from CLEO mag.

Sunsilk Silky Smooth and Manageable (Pink)
Sunsilk Damaged Hair Reconstruction (Orange)
Sunsilk Weather Defense (Green)

I was amazed and surprised by the generous amount of products I was given in the $100-worth hamper. I didn't expect that many though. I even carried my usual shoulder bag to collect the prize. Luckily, it was packed in an eco bag, otherwise I wouldn't know how I would carry the products back to the office. And it is super heavy.

Disclaimer: I am in no way compensated by any company/firm to promote these products. All comments are solely based on my opinions/thoughts.

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