Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fukuichi Japanese Dining + Oriole Cafe & Bar

I had birthday celebrations for 3 colleagues on 2 days (2 of them share the same birthday) last month.

Because it was difficult to coordinate everyone to go for lunch together (everyone tends to drag and wait for each other), it was decided that we should visit a nearby restaurant for birthday lunch. We ended up having lunch at one of the restaurants in the office building (so now you know where I work at LOL).

I can't remember what the name of this dish is, but this is awesome! Something related to sesame and egg? o.o

Salmon lunch set (Chawamushi included - no pic)
We don't really like the salmon that day. It was not fresh and we had huge difficulty trying to cut it.

After which, we had a green tea Mochi (which I didn't manage to take).

Overall, even though the food was a bit disappointing, the service was still alright. The cup of green tea was refilled occasionally. But I doubt I will visit the restaurant again (unless it's another colleague's birthday?) since I'm not a big fan of Japanese food (except Sashimi). Well, it depends on individuals.

Fukuichi Japanese Dining
TripleOne Somerset
111 Somerset Road #02-11/12
Singapore 238164

About one week later, we visited another restaurant, Oriole Cafe & Bar for birthday lunch. Another first time. I realised ever since I started working there, I found out new things and visited new places (not bad uh). The ambience of the restaurant is like a bar/pub (lol, just like what its name suggests.)

Beetroot salad (I can't exactly remember the name).
It was my first time trying beetroot. Not bad.

Grilled Chicken
Maybe I was hungry, so it tasted good that day.

Oriole Cafe & Bar
Pan Pacific Serviced Suites
96 Somerset Road #01-01
Singapore 238163

Birthday lunch is indeed one that everyone gets to sit down together and have some time to chill/relax/chit-chat/catch up (perhaps with some people you rarely have lunch with). The atmosphere is unlike in the office. It is really nice to have everyone having lunch and celebrate the birthdays together despite everyone's busy schedule.


I'm going to introduce a new segment into my blog. Most of you (I think) would know that I'm pretty much into baking (I love baking) cupcakes/muffins/cookies/biscuits (ok mostly cupcakes or muffins - I secretly think that cookies/biscuits are time-consuming and tedious to make). I will be blogging recipes which I have personally tried to make/bake :) Do look out for it. An upcoming post will be one of them! :) Hope you will like this new segment!

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