Friday, August 10, 2012

SHAPE Run 2012

This is the first year I participated in such runs. Yes I am 20 and this is the first. But I'm not too late right? At least before I turned 21? Let's not talk about age.

Jia Leng and I were quite lucky actually. We already agreed to participate but I was lazy to register soon, so I decided to register on 1 May, about 3-5 days before the early bird promotion ends. It turned out that even before the early bird promotion ended, all the slots for the run were filled up! Lucky us!

I actually overslept on that day itself and Jia Leng had to call me multiple times.

I decided to participate in the run to push limits and challenge myself (even though it is just a 2.4km).

An all-women run. #girlpower

We took a photo before the start of the run but I didn't manage to publish it. (and my face is big -.-)

Even though it was a short run, I had fun with my buddy. Honestly speaking, when you see everyone running on that route, you tend to follow and not stop because everyone is moving. Yup and I ran more than 80% of the route :)

Winners of 5km run.
The 7th and 8th place went to the mother and daughter. Amazing.

Winners of 10km run.

Sense of achievement.
This is my first to my upcoming (future) medals collection. Hopefully at least one to commemorate every year's.

Admit it, one of the reasons why we participate in such runs is because of the goodie bag :P


Just one disappointment, the queue for the goodie bag was way too long that we went to queue at other booths, where there are many people too. I think because we were all tired after running and we just don't like to wait under the hot Sun. But this will not stop me from participating again next year! Till the next!

I'm back to being active in running again! I hope this time is long-term. And by long-term, I mean it will last as long as it can.

7 Aug: Shagged after a long day (at work and exercise). Can't wait to get home. #workout #hungry

9 Aug: 4.2km. Powersong list. #accomplished
Any good songs to recommend? :P

I had sudden urge of jogging on Monday after lunch, so I decided to go straight after work. In case you are wondering, since it was impromptu, why do I have the stuff to go jogging? Hah, I left the clothes and jogging shoes in the office over the weekend (opps lazy me). Well, at least there was this motivation and now I will go running at 3 times a week - as set as a goal in my Nike+ Running app. Ganbatte!

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