Friday, August 10, 2012

Sherry's farewell dinner

Another backdated one.

Before Sherry left for her further studies in Melborne, we had a farewell dinner for her over at her area.

Before that, few of us met up for dinner and get her a farewell-and-birthday-in-advance gift (which we hope that it would remind her of us as well as to bring to accompany her)

We decided to make a bear for her. We had a hard time trying to decide the bear and her clothes. In the end, we named the bear as Sherry (Sherry's bear is Sherry) and we were made to say the pledge (Do everyone do that?)

Ok so we had dinner at Swensens in North Point.

Once again I was the first to reach.

The entire night was filled with some catching up and surprises for one another.

Little did I expect a little surprise from them. I almost spoilt the plan (or rather the waitress spoilt it by asking the others in front of Rachel and I). At first I was little curious, then I was told that it was a surprise for Sherry. But when 2 ice cream cakes with candles are presented in front of you, anyone would have guessed that it is for the birthday babies. That day was the mid of both Rachel's and my birthday, so none of us qualified for the free ice cream thingy. Oh well.

Nevertheless, thank you so much for the effort made. And now that Sherry is not in Singapore, we all hope to see you soon when you return :) And hope that you like Sherry, the bear.

Random photo:

Got a 1-for-1 Frolick using my colleague's Nylon magazine. Pretty colours.

//33 days (from 2 July to 3 August) have flew past fast. I must admit that these 33 days full of work and school are indeed interesting, having to wake up before 7/8 every single day. I needed to plan my time real well to have some free time. Well, at least it gave me an idea if I should work and study at the same time or just concentrate on studies. I can't decide 100% based on this, because those were intensive classes over the weekends, while the actual studies would be night classes (no weekend classes except if the night class falls on a public holiday).

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