Tuesday, September 18, 2012


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NuffnangX is finally launched after about 2 weeks of announcing its launch!

I immediately downloaded this app after lunch, upon seeing its launch on Facebook & Twitter! If you don't know what it is, here you go:

"NuffnangX is the smartphone app that allows you to discover new blogs, follow your favourite blogger's update and have conversation with them."
*Extracted from Nuffnang team launches NuffnangX to allow social blog stalking

I love this idea of putting all the blogs together and stalking from there. It takes you to the individual blogs from the app. I still prefer reading on a larger screen though.

Nonetheless, this is genius! You don't have to open your web browser to go to the individual blogs or go to their blogs every single day to check if there is update. Yes I know there is something called email updates (which I don't really subscribe), but admit that some of us still visit the blogs despite no updates. Just one application and you can view all recent updates from your favourite bloggers!

In the (near) future, who knows marketers will create a blog for the brands and promote them on NuffnangX? Hmm maybe there can be a SHARE button as well? Opps I only notice the "like" and "comment" buttons, but not the "share" button -.- pardon me.

How about having a NuffnangX widget to be placed on the blog? It might gain more followers. Something to consider for development.

With so many blogs we would like to follow, it is quite confusing. Maybe we can create our own lists so that we can group/classify them to make the whole news feed appear and look tidier. But then again, perhaps not too complicated, otherwise people might withdraw from it. I'm one who like tidiness - I organise my twitter lists but I seldom visit them LOL.

I'm sure Nuffnang will take in feedbacks and suggestions to improve on this nely launched app, to make the experience a pleasant and enriching one. Kudos to Nuffnang!

Disclaimer: This is NOT an advertorial. I'm in no way compensated. I'm writing this based on my thoughts and opinions.

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