Saturday, September 22, 2012

Winter in Genting

Winter season is nearing and I have no plans to visit any cold country (same as every year). My family is very frugal (or maybe we can't afford it) and rarely go on holidays together (by holidays, I mean take plane and travel far) - maybe once in a decade (oh wait, the last we went was when I was 9).

The coldest place I have ever visited is only Snow City. (LOL that is still within Singapore). When I was young, I like to visit that place because I want to experience snow and stuff. (Singapore only has one all-year season - Summer) But when I grow older (I'm not that old - only 20 years old), I find that place quite boring, with only the slide and that tiny "castle" which many of us cannot fit into (duh, it's meant for the kids).

A bit off topic, ok back to the topic.

*Image grabbed from Genting Malaysia

For those people who have yet to visit Genting ever in your life (including me), SnowWorld, one of the themepark attractions, is already opened there! Wee, get to experience "snow"!

Talking about snow, I'm many of us have clothes that are for the cold despite the constant hot weather in Singapore. Yes I know the weather should not be an excuse for us not to dress up, but I don't think anyone would want to be sticky and sweaty under that layer(s) of clothes in the already-uncomfortable weather. I'm not exception.

Otherwise, we can practise the "R" word: Re-match. Heh, by that, I mean putting different clothes together to match the weather eg, wearing more layers.

Presenting you...
My Denim Series

Why Denim?
Be it in Singapore or in other countries, everyone owns at least a pair of these comfy trusty. It is suitable to be worn for any occasion, therefore you don't have to invest so much more on your pants when visiting a cold country. (save money ^^)

LOL I couldn't find any pictures that I think would be suitable for the cold cold weather, so I digged out my clothes to try. Nah, I didn't really dig - I had a rough idea of how my outfits would be like.

Normal mode.

From left to right:
Cream Cardgian | Denim Romper | Black Thick Stockings | Nude Flats
Grey Oversized Hearts Knitwear | Light Denim Jeans | Nude Flats
Denim Oversized Shirt | Disney Top | Dark Denim Jeans | Nude Flats

Snow mode.

Why only Nude Flats? I believe the last thing you want to worry about when you go overseas (to enjoy yourself) is to your comfort. A pair of un-comfy shoes can really change your mood. Hmm I don't own any pair of boots either, perhaps wear a pair of matching socks to cover every part of the feet, to protect from the cold.

How about you? Do you have any theme to follow for the upcoming winter holiday? What would you wear then?

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