Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life is too short.

As I wrote this diary, I was very much afraid that I would tear, because I was not in the right place to do so.

Many said that life is too short or you only live once (YOLO), so just do it right and do not regret. But tell me, how many people actually do it right and have not experienced any regret at all? May be a very small percentage. Sadly, I am not one of them.

When they said that line, I don't actually believe it at first because I don't really understand what they mean. I would have probably laughed it off and questioned about the length of life. (We probably can't even sit down listening to the tutor without fidgeting for 5 minutes LOL - what do you mean by life is short?) But now, I regret to say that it is actually true. It occurs to me that you can never ever lived the same way as before if the time has gone past. This is the harsh truth.

In this modern society, most of us are going after materialism. Please do not tell me you are not. We want money, we want fame, we want status, we want this, we want that, and this list can go on and on because we are never satisfied. After getting this, we move on to the next item on the list.

Therefore, many a time, we neglect everything else that we already have. We take things for granted, thinking that they will be with us forever. The funny thing about life is that it is a bitch (I rarely scold) to everyone (is it not a bitch then?). It takes something away from you to make you realise what you already have is much more important than what you want, so that it can teach you a lesson that nobody can.

Only then, will you very much regret what you have done in the past and pretty much hope that you can rewind the time. But you know it is never going to happen, so the next thing you do is to treasure what is left, since it is too late to realise that you have been wrong. Perhaps this is what everyone said: karma.

It also hits me that everything is predestined and everything happens for a reason. Believe it or not, it is really the truth. It is especially true for me this year. I will not say what has happened that resulted in this thinking, but in the past 6 months, one thing happens after one another.

They make me think that if I had not done a certain thing, will things be different from what they are today? I can never get the answer. But I am glad that certain things in my life happen except that. Perhaps all the things that happened were to prepare me for it.

There are so many things one would like to do in life. If there is something you have always wanted to do (especially as part of filial piety), please do it asap. Please do not procrastinate because you do not know what might happen the next minute. It is just too scary to leave certain things unsaid.

Trust me. Life is too short for any regret. It is too fragile.

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  1. You have been strong girl. You make us proud of you.

    -Michelle Liew