Monday, December 3, 2012

VanityTrove Dec 12: Victoria's Secrets

December 2012 edition of VanityTrove came as a surprise. This is my favourite so far! And that was definitely worth more than S$25 (what I paid it for)!

In love with @vanitytrove December edition: Victoria's Secrets ♥

Introducing the PRODUCTS of the month...

DrGL® Collagen Essence
I've been eyeing on this for quite some time after I heard/saw good reviews about it. But I was thinking about how pricey it was. I don't mind paying for something that really works, but there are risks (financial, physical, social etc), given that I am not sure if it will be suitable for me.
To my surprise, I found this in the box! Now that I don't have to spend $198 for a 30-ml product to see if it suits me. Basically, this 10-ml product costs about $66 or probably even more due to its packaging (the one with lesser quantity usually costs more). Thanks VanityTrove for the love!

Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar in Spearmint Sparkle
I shared the banner on FB to receive this extra treat! I wanted to get the one in Lavender Heaven but I entered the code for Spearmint Sparkle instead. Well, at least it works for me too.
I've been using this for the face quite recently. This is the first time I use bar for body/face. And it is really good for someone who has combination/oily skin for me. I was once told my skin is dry/combination - it produces oil because it is dry. Nevertheless, I shall see what will happen. Hopefully it turns for the better! Thanks VanityTrove too!

Curacle Blackhead Cotton Mask
Another product that I was thinking if I should buy after I heard/saw good reviews too - even though they might be paid, the photos won't lie. This is really really good, at least it works for me. The dirty little stuff really came off after putting the mask for 15 minutes & I saw yellowish thingy on the cotton butt (which I use to clean the nose after mask). I will definitely get this soon.

Other products included in my Dec 2012 VanityTrove includes:
SexyLook Pure White Radiance Duo Lifting Mask
SexyLook Super Hydrating Duo Lifting Mask
SexyLook Extreme Whitening Duo Lifting Mask
1000 Hour Wax Strip
Belif Face products
& more!

My 3-month subscriptions is over and it ended with Dec 12 edition. I will probably be continuing to subscribe, hoping that I will receive goodies in my boxes hehe. Go subscribe to VanityTrove today!

*All images except the photo of trove and products are retrieved from VanityTrove Facebook page.

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