Thursday, November 29, 2012

JRunway: Harujuku Street Style

I was unable to make it for launch, so all images are courtesy of JRunway.

Remember the Harajuku Street Style pop-up stores in TANGS Orchard last year?

I have a thing for Japanese fashion and culture when I was in Secondary School. It was probably due to the fact that mangas were popular back then? I like the way they dressed themselves, especially in high socks (I doubt I would wear then). I tried to get myself in the "manga" thing since almost everyone was into it, but failed because I wasn't very interested in it. Since then, I decided not to do something because everyone is into it, just to have topic to talk to. An example would be KPop. I'm probably aware of some groups due to my surroundings, but if you were to ask me who is who, I would give a blur face.

*WAIT* Back to topic.

Anyway, if I'm not wrong, back then, there wasn't any shop that we can visit to get their stuffs. We would probably purchase similar stuffs to theirs, and dress like them -.- But today, as the world is becoming more globalised (sounds chim), it is brought to Singapore!

On 21 November, JRunway opens its first multi-label Asian flagship store with 29 Japanese brands make their Singapore retail debut. Featuring 22 leading Japanese apparel brands and, accessories and cosmetics brands, the 3,600-square foot concept store, officially opened its doors on the ground floor of Plaza Singapura’s newly-opened extension on 29 October.

Harajuku Star Ambassador's Misako Aoki.

The store also holds a 20-metre-long catwalk runway, which will host shows every season, including Japanese art and cultural showcases, and signature events and activities, as well as Japanese brand owners, bringing them closer to fans of Japanese fashion. It also features multimedia walls that will stream LIVE updates from its social channels, in addition to tweets and Facebook status updates by shoppers.

What I thought is that this is something that not many retail shops will do, because every retail space counts for the revenue. Interesting.

Tatsuya, Qiu Qiu, Cheesie and Taku.
Tatsuya & Taku are both models from BARK in STYLe!

Here are some of outfits which I personally like:

I like how they wear their heels with socks. So cute - I wore ankle socks with normal shoes & I already got people staring at me. Nah I'm just going to ignore them. I like wearing ankle socks with normal (laced) shoes/Mary Janes. I think you all do see people wearing like this, perhaps not common with heels.

“JRunway Brand Ambassador” Contest
The call of JRunway brand ambassador opens on 21 November. 10 finalists will be shortlisted to view for the title - one that will earn the grand prize winner a year-long modelling contract with JRunway, as well as an exchange programme with JRunway's partner modelling agency, BARK in STYLe, in Japan.
Read more about the contest here!

I haven't been to the new extension of the mall, let alone the store. I'm so going to visit it soon (after my exams)!

68 Orchard Road
#01-54 Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238890

Featured Apparel Brands include ALGONQUINS, atmos, atmos!girls, Ciaopanic, coen, EMODA, EMSEXCITE, Fi.n.t, JAPAN!BLUE, LHP, MOMOTARO!JEANS, mystic, OMNIGOD, PEAK&PINE, PUTUMAYO, Ray!Cassin, RETRO!GIRL, ROYAL!PARTY, Ryugi!Assaku, SPIRAL!GIRL, VANQUISH and WEGO.
Featured Accessories and Cosmetics Brands include ABISTE, BRIGITTE, Dolly!Wink, Gizmobies, KATE, Osewaya and Play!Girl/Decorative.

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