Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Since everyone is into Thanksgiving, I shall be in too, even though this post might come a little late but it is at least better than nothing.
Please tell me how my day/night can get any worser than standing & waiting for nearly an hour to get a 1-hour ride home for a bus driver to ignore & leave you in the heavy rain, like it wasn't already bad enough. All I want to do is cuddle under the blanket.

While I complain about the bus driver who ignored and left me in the rain, I was thankful for certain things.

I am thankful for the transport that can bring me to where I want to go. In certain places, transportation is really bad to the extent it is better to use your own feet as a mean of transportation.

I am thankful for the shelter that can block me from the different weather moods in Singapore. Some places don't even have shelter for their linkway, let alone their home.

I am thankful for the rain. Some places are facing drought or dehydration. But over here, it helps to bring down the temperature and is good for better sleep (at night) for someone who doesn't own any air conditioner at home.

I am thankful for my friends. If not for them, I would not be able to overcome such a big obstacle (it's probably the largest one ever).

Most importantly, I am thankful for my family. They are the ones who will always be there for you, both ups and downs in your life. And I will always be thankful that someone has always been waiting for me at home - at least I know that I have something to look forward to everyday.

Speaking of family, my mum, aunt and I visited Gardens By The Bay recently on Deepavali. The day started when we visited someone in the morning and visited Nex for lunch. After which, GBTB.
Family time ♥

It was my first time visiting the place and I was pretty excited/looking forward to it. The sad part is that I didn't bring camera and my phone was dying :(
Phone died halfway, so this was pretty much what I took. I still can't believe I went through the skywalk.

Not a fan of heights, my legs went jelly at the cloud trail. I was pulling my aunt's shirt and holding on tightly to my mum's arms. LOL I am never going to enjoy those rides at amusement parks.

Following the next few days, it was my mum's and bro's birthday.

I came home at 8 after a short run with the colleagues & decided to head out to buy food for dinner (since there was not much food at home) instead of calling for delivery. I thought I would take just 1/2 hour but all the walking and travelling take up most of the time.
Happy birthday to le mum & bro ♥

It was the first time I tried BreadTalk Macha Macha and I'm not a fan of it, because I don't really like the heavy taste. Nevertheless, I bought it under recommendation.

Le mum & aunt ♥

I had class the next day, so I...
Came home to crab bee hoon & milk after 2 presentations tonight. All hardwork & sacrifices finally paid off. Let the mugging begin... tomorrow! TV & dinner-supper for now hehe.

I feel so loved. Even though it was left-over, they kept some food for me :)

Few days ago, the day after thanksgiving day, we went for breakfast. Weekend breakfast is loved because weekends are probably the only days we can spend the entire day together. To start it right, breakfast is important too.
Awesome breakfast with the loved ones ♥

Finally get to try the breakfast with bacon slices. Nothing much special though. Nonetheless, it was great.

While I have school work/studies to do, I treasure and value each minute spent together. This is just one way I give thanks and be grateful to them.

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