Monday, November 26, 2012

GCMA + All in a day (Crocs, Frankenweenie, Marche)

Long title. GCM on 2 November & All in a day on 12 December 2012.


I decided to try my luck at the contest for 12th Global Chinese Music Awards 2012, and to my surprise, I actually won a pair to the awards! I sent my phone for repair that week, so I couldn't message but call my partner up for it & I didn't get to take any photos too.

That night, I got to see many artistes *star struck* and saw few of my favourite ones like Rainie Yang & Della (Ding Dang). Weee~ One of talks of the night was probably thanking JJ's parents, and it was hilarious.

I didn't think I would win the pair in the beginning because I reckon many would want/like to attend this event since it is held in different countries every year. Anyway, it was a great night with the babe!


The day before Deepavali, I had a short date with Rachel.

Before we caught the movie, we visited the outlet nearest to Cineleisure, Plaza Singapura, to collect our Crocs shoes. (Both of us were very lucky to have won a pair from Joey's blog giveaway - so destined.)

I was excited to collect and get my shoes because it was going to be my first pair of Crocs shoes! (I know you are going to judge me now.)
Collected Crocs shoes that @rachelays and I won from @iisjong blog :) hehe

Woohoo I got the Women’s LoPro Full Vamp Canvas Slip-on Sneaker in Glam Pink/Ultraviolet while the babe got it in Yellow/Light Grey. I almost wanted to get it in White/Fuchsia since I wanted a white slip-on, but decided to go for the pink instead.

I have been wearing these pair out for the past weekends & I really like it. It adds a little to my height plus the footbed makes me feet feel more comfortable - I secretly think that it helps to circulate blood.

After which, we rushed to Frankenweenie movie premiere. For someone who does not watch horror shows at all, I was actually afraid to catch movies that are in black and white. But I went in with a different feeling that the movie will be good since it is story about love.
"When you lose someone you love, they never really leave you. He'll always be in your heart." "No! I don't want him to be in my heart. I want him to be here with me." - Frankenweenie

It was indeed a touching story, so touching that I teared at least 3 times throughout the movie, or perhaps I related myself to the characters in the movie.

Anyway, spoiler mood on. I thought the movie was not very complete. I had few thoughts when it ended but I forgot all except one LOL. I thought since the mayor hates the boy, he would do something to the boy or his pet, but he didn't do anything at all during the climate.

After movie, I wanted to get KFC Cheese Fries (There was this smell in the theatre, which make me crave for it.) but we went for McDonald's for her craved fried chicken. And we ended up in Marche for desserts -.-

I told her "No wonder they said that the friends you hang out with do matter, because they will affect your food intake too." Eating is a joy though.
After a round of shared McDonalds meal with @rachelays, there is always room for dessert.
Banana crepe with chocolate sauce - I wanted strawberries! I am a fan of their chocolate-covered strawberries heheh. For every 3 times I visited Marche, I would order it at least twice. #dietfail

So that pretty much sums up my date with Rachel :)

Things happened and I am so glad that I have BFF and good close friends with me at this timing. It is difficult but I'm taking things slowly, one at a time. I know they want me to be well (not that I am sick or what). I just need time to adjust myself.

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