Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 movies in a day

Yup, I didn't type it wrongly. I caught 2 movies in less than 6 hours yesterday :)

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

My friend treated me to this movie :P

Honestly, why is it rated PG13? I find it to have many "sex" scenes and vulgarities. It is just not right for age below 16 to watch it. It should rated NC16 or M18.

Been here done that, you (below 18/16) might argue that you are mature enough to accept such scenes/stuff. Well, since you are at that teenage age, you are quite vulnerable to the external environment that could change your whole life. You may think that I have traditional view, but I find it the right thing not to catch such stuff if you are too young for it. I doubt any parents would want to accompany their children to watch such movie too.

Fright Night

Actually, I didn't want to catch this movie. Churpchurp happened to be on my twitter timeline when I was on twitter. All I had to do was to retweet the tweet and got the pair of movie tickets. Thank you, Churpchurp! :D

The movie is comedy plus horror plus thriller (in my opinion). I was actually covering my face with my hands, watching through the holes between my fingers during the scary parts. At least, it wasn't as bad as what I did when I watched horror movies. You'll be seeing me covering my face the whole time, it's true. That is why I don't have horror movies. I just don't want to scare myself further :P Ok, this one has much more vulgarities than the previous movie.

I was telling Rachel that vampires don't exist in real life. & sorry to say this, but Singaporeans are not that friendly to invite "strangers" even neighbours into their house, without any reason. Besides, Singapore is not that rural. Everything is so convenient, if you need beer in the middle of the night, visit the nearest convenience store, like 7-11.

Just giving my 2 cents worth.
In the end, I didn't pay a thing for the movie tickets :) Thanks to my friend & Churpchurp! But I did buy popcorn to share.

I just sent my Canon Powershot S95 in for repair yesterday. The lens were dented after the fall at Cars 2 Gala Premiere (14 Aug) :( and the repair will cost about $230 without GST. I agree to it because I know I want/need/love that camera. I could have bought a new one but I could only afford a less-than-500 one.

Oh well, lesson learnt. My camera will be loved/taken with care :) I'll be back with pictures/images on my blog as soon as I have my camera back.

Heartache. There goes my next pay, which is coming soon. It's tomorrow, if I'm not wrong :D


  1. My friend felt asleep watching fright night lol
    He got the tickets from churp churp too :)

  2. @Kelvin Wow, the movie must have bore him. Yay, Churpchurp ftw :)